SOTG Committee

“The integrity of Ultimate depends on each player's responsibility to uphold the Spirit of the Game, and this responsibility should remain paramount."

Ultimate relies upon self officiating and the spirit of the game (SOTG). As ultimate grows in the UK we get the benefit of more teams, better players, stronger GB squads, more schools playing and more widespread recognition. We want to make sure that we also retain the SOTG that marks ultimate out a unique team sport.

UK Ultimate has set up this committee to help with the longer term protection and promotion of SOTG. There is a risk that as the sport grows there will be pressures to step away from our unique position. Comments such as 'we can't get into the Olympics without referees' or 'I train like a professional athlete so I don't want teams I play against getting away with cheating' could become more common.

The aim of the committee is not to get involved in one-off SOTG 'incidents' but rather to frame UKU's policies so that we can set up a structure that promotes SOTG and aims to improve it. For example we get invovled with the WFDF SOTG committee to try to make sure that the scoring system works and is used and we aim to encourage education to ensure that future generations of ultimate players also learn how to play in a spirited manner.

Some of the work coming up will be to push forwards policies to deal with teams and players that may have low SOTG scores and to create improved tools for recording scores. In the future we also want to produce more information explaining SOTG (e.g. videos, online advice) and carry out surveys of UK players' opinions of SOTG.


Current Committe Members:

Jimmy Moore Chair & WFDF Rep
Becky Boulton  
Ollie Wilson
Richard Jones  
Rory Brenan  
Rose Chilton  

You can contact the committee by emailing



Spirit of the Game Policies


Information and news from the SOTG Committee

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