GB Senior Squads

Information relating to the Senior squads programme 2016 will be provided here.

GB Men's 2016

The reigning European Champions, GB Men's will be looking to go one step further than WUGC 2012 where they took silver. The players below have been selected for WUGC 2016 in London.



      Tom Abrams


GB Women's 2016

The following players that have been selected in the GB Women's training squad preparing for the WUGC in London.


  Jenna Thomson (c)  #11
Rachel Turton
Alice Beeching
Roslyn Cameron
Lauren Bryant
Jackie Verralls
  Ange Wilkinson  #13
Rachel Kelly
Rachel Dean
Hannah Boddy
Romanie Hannah
Jen Hart
Francesca Tyler
Rosie Musgrave
Caroline Nicholls
Lasma Putrina
Catherine Gainey
Karen Kwok
Francesca Scarampi
  Becci Haigh  #42
Fiona Kwan
Karina Cooper


  Hannah Brew  #85
Joanna Rowbury
Steve Balls   Coach



GB Mixed 2016

Following a successful defence of the EUC Mixed title, the team is pleased to announce the team to compete at WUGC 2016.

Mara Alperin Mara Alperin #33
Cat Ashton #27
Lucy Barnes #57
Matt Beavan #37
Susanna Bidgood #74
Jonny Clark #43
Dom Dathan #4
Niamh Delaney #77
Leila Denniston #51
Calum Easton #22
James Freeman #13
Ania Godbold #88
Matt Hodgson #35
Avril Hunter #18
Chrissy Hunter #19
Lily Huang #3
Steve Kolthammer #50
Magali Matsumiya #52
Mike Noblett #73
Nancy Rawlings #29
Sam Rayner #7
Charlie Still #2
Helen Swan-Thompson #5
Richard Taylor #28
Sam Turner #24
Sam Vile #25
Robert White #83
  Rich Hims  Manager

Please follow the team's journey via twitter @gb_mixed and contact the management at should you have any questions.

USA Clean Sweep at WUGC

The USA took an impressive clean sweep in all the Divisions at the World Ultimate & Guts Championships in London, while GB claimed a couple of Bronze medals.


In June the best ultimate players in the world came to London to compete in the 14th World Ultimate & Guts Championships. This tournament was the biggest in it's history with over 120 teams competing from more countries than ever before, and had even been expanded to include a Masters Womens division for the first time. GB had teams in the Mens, Womens, Mixed, Masters Open, Masters Women and Guts Divisions. Despite at times playing in some extremely challenging weather conditions the competition was fierce and a fantastic advertisement of the sport. The Finals day was played in front of a full house at the Allianz Park Stadium with an amazing atmosphere and streamed live all across the globe. 

In the Men's Division the USA won the title 15-11 in arguably the most exciting game of the day against Japan. Earlier in the day Australia had claimed Bronze with a convincing win against Canada 15-10. Earlier in the tournament GB had lost 15-11 to a very strong Australia team in their quarter final but comfortably took 5th place.


In the Women's Division the USA proved far too strong for Columbia winning the title by 15-7. GB Women put on an exciting game against Canada to start the tournament in front of a large crowd at the UCL Playing Fields. In the end GB Women finished 16th overall.


In the Mixed Division the USA again proved worthy winners beating Australia 15-6 in the final. GB Mixed lost to France in their quarter final but took 5th place with a fantastic win against Japan on universe point.


On the previous day the USA won the Masters Men's Division beating Canada 15-10. GB Masters Men did fantastically well to win Bronze against Denmark 15-9 in the 3v4 game.


In the Masters Women's Division it was a repeat performance for USA as they beat Canada 15-10. GB Masters Women did really well to get into the top pool and finished 6th.


In the Guts Division USA 1 beat Japan in the final, while GB won a tight victory over USA 2 to claim GB's second Bronze of the tournament. 


Congratulations to the organisers and volunteers that did a fantastic job despite some unseasonably bad weather conditions, which meant a lot of games had to be rescheduled. The players showed great patience dealing with such a difficult situation and also put on an amazing show of top quality ultimate.    



Open Division

Gold    USA

Silver  Japan

Bronze Australia

5th Place GB      

Spirit New Zealand

Women Division

Gold      USA

Silver    Columbia

Bronze  Canada

16th Place GB 

Spirit     India 


Mixed Division

Gold      USA

Silver    Australia

Bronze  Canada

5th Place GB 

Spirit     Finland 


Masters Men Division

Gold       USA

Silver     Canada

Bronze   GB

Spirit     New Zealand


Masters Women Division

Gold       USA

Silver     Canada

Bronze   Australia

6th Place GB 

Spirit     Germany 

Guts Division

Gold       USA 1 

Silver     Japan

Bronze   GB

Spirit      USA 1


GB Masters Men's 2016

The following players have been selected as part of the GB Masters Men's squad preparing for the WUGC in London.


Dave Grayson (c)
Ben Mitchell
Chris White
Dan Furnell
Dan Berry
Dave Barnard
Dave Bixler
Dave Ford
Dave Povey
Dave Sealy
Elias Thaysen
Ewen Buckling
Graham Bailey
Ham Roushanzamir
Jim Hancox
Matt McLoughlin
Matthew Stead
Matthew Ford
Oliver Browne
Ollie Benjamin
Paul Atkins
Paul Waite
Phil Webb
Rik Shipley
Rob McGowan
Rob Whitehouse
Shaun Webb
Sion Scone
Sion Thaysen
Stu Greer
Will Cornelious

GB Masters Womens 2015-16

With thanks to all those who made the trials process a challenging and producive experience, the following players have been selected to represent GB at WUGC.

KJ Boardman-Hims (c) #15

Steph Balsys #3
Sarah Garner #4
Janey Whatley #7
Claerwen Snell (c) #9
Joey Holmes #10
Liza Bowen #11
Aura Mackenzie #12
Linda Gilmour (c) #14
Frances Dathan #21
Bridget Brown #22
Sophie Beavan (c) #23

Kate Markey #25
Kat Hind #29
Katja Ulbrich #33
Catherine Seaborn #34
Vicky Singleton
Karen Palmer #44
Priscille Lesne #45
  Nicola Thomas #48
Gemma Taylor #55
Laura Wilson #85
Steph Walker #86
Marie-Sophie Nguyen-Tu #93
Emilia Cruz #99


Please follow the team's journey via twitter @GBWomenMasters or Facebook and contact the management at should you have any questions. We hope we do you all proud!

GB Women's Masters 2016 Trials

If you are interested in playing for the GB Women's Masters Team 2016 you
have until 31st October to complete your application (1 week).

Any questions please contact