GB U23 2015

On 12th July 2015 the best U23 National Teams will be coming to London to participate in the 3rd WFDF World Under-23 Ultimate Championships.


The Championships will be held at the UCL Sports Ground near St Albans. A stadium has been constructed at the venue for some of the matches including the finals, as well as the opening and closing ceremonies. Teams from all around the world will be participating. U23 (23 and Under) means that players must be twenty-three years old or younger at the beginning of the calendar year of the event, therefore born in 1992 or later.


GB will be represented in the Open, Women and Mixed divisions and will be looking to turn home advantage into medals.


You'll be able to get all the information on the tournament and the teams on the WU23 website.

The official results will posted on the Live Score page after every game, making it easy and accessible to follow and keep track of GBs progress. Also matches will be streamed live on Skyd Magazine, including the opening game GB vs USA at 16:30 on 12th July.


GB 2015 U23 Open

Congratulations to the following players who have been selected to represent GB Open at the World U23 Ultimate Championships 2015 in London.


  Name Squad Number
  Ed Hammond (c) #4
  Danny Strasser #1
  Andrew Hillman #2
  Benedict Poole #3
  Ben Burak #5
  George Rollo Sax Dixon #6
  Thomas Cartwright #7
  Alexis Long #8
  Nick Williams #9
  Andrei Mandzuk #10
  Dec Cartwright #11
  James Mead #13
  Ben Parsons #14
  William Rowledge #15
  Alex Walsh #16
  Steve Dixon #17
  Ben Powlay #18
  Tom Hodgett (spirit c) #19
  Matt Aspin #20
  Andrew Dick #21
  Oliver Grey #22
  Andrew Lewis #23
  Andrew Watt #24
  Michael Guise #26
  Jools Murray Coach
  Mark Penny Assistant Coach

GB 2015 U23 Women

Congratulations to the following players who have been selected to represent GB Women at the World U23 Ultimate Championships 2015 in London.

  Name Squad Number
  Harriet Brown #3
  Katariina Rantanen #4
  Rachel Turton #5
  Lucy Hyde #7
  Ava Grossman #9
  Rachel Finch #10
  Caitlin Wilson #13
  Aisling Barton #19
  Tiffany Anderson #21
  Amina Malik (c) #23
  Jess Cowley #24
  Kat Cheng (spirit c) #25
  Natasha Lim #26
  Shopie Wharton #29
  Amelia Cartwright #33
  Kim Owen #34
  Alice Beeching #43
  Megan Baxter #52
  Sarah Jeffrey #65
  Megan Price #68
  Tessa Hunt #70
  Rupal Ghelani #74
  Sophie Shire #88
  Grace Owen (c) #90
  Katie Flight #99
  Jon Pugh Coach


























World U23 Ultimate Championship

While USA and Japan took the honours at World U23 Ultimate Chmpionships congratulations should also go to all the GB teams that performed extremely well at the championships.

GB Open came so close to claiming a medal but were just pipped by Japan on Universe Point in their Bronze Medal match.

GB Mixed came 5th. Despite beating Australia in their last game GB missed out on a semi-final place on goal difference.

GB Women claimed 8th after smashing New Zealand in their final game.

Also, congratulations to Joe Wynder, GB Mixed for getting the most stats (assists and goals) of all the players in the tournament.

A BIG THANK to everyone involved in organising and running the tournament. All the players and spectators were impressed by the professionalism of the tournament and the helpfullness of the staff and volunteers.


Here are the final results

Open Division

Gold:    USA

Silver:  Canada

Bronze: Japan

4th:      GB

 GB U23 Open

Women Divsion

Gold:     Japan

Silver:   USA

Bronze: Canada

8th:      GB


 GB U23 Women 2015

Mixed Division

Gold:     USA

Silver: Australia   

Bronze: Canada

5th:      GB



GB 2015 U23 Mixed

Congratulations to the following players who have been selected to represent GB Mixed at the World U23 Ultimate Championships 2015 in London.

  Name Squad Number
  Alex Mazzon #2
  Jack Higgins #6
  Erin McGready #7
  Emma Klima #8
  Callum Spiers #11
  Rebecca Palmer  #12
  George Anegg #14
  Katie Lear #15
  Joe Wynder #17
  James Lavender #24
  Eleanor Overvoode #25
  Helen Roberts #27
  Max Moseley #29
  Nicola Shaw #36
  Camille Kostov #38
  Harry Mason #42
  Leila Denniston (spirit c) #56
  Abigail Cohman #63
  Elliot Canning #72
  Roland Turnell-Ritson #73
  William Carter #83
  Hannah Brew (c) #85
  Cameron Agnew (c) #88
  Josh George (spirit c) #91
  Daniel Ryle #93
  Jo Lewis #96
  Felix Shardlow Coach
  Megan Hurst Coach

GB 2015 U23 Applicaton


Players attending the MIXED trials on 6-7 Dec can pay their contribution to the costs online here:


If you have applied but have not joined the facebook groups you can ask to join here:




The next U23 event will take place at UCL Sports Ground, near London, 12-18 July 2015.

We are currently recruiting for the following positions:



Responsible for ensuring all aspects of the U23 2013 program are completed to the best of our abilities, given our resources and the volunteer nature of the organisation.  This is NOT a coaching role, although the ideal person will have experience of coaching or playing at international level, although the correct people skills and approach are just as important.

See this document for full details including how to apply.




Age limit?

Players must be between 17 and 23 that year (ie turning 23 or younger in 2015). 


The top athletes will be selected in late 2014 and will be required to train throughout 2014/15.  This includes individual physical & skill training programs as well as travelling to attend regular team trainings. 


GB players are all self-funded, so you will need to pay for everything yourself (including travel, kit, training, accommodation and tournament costs etc).  These costs will be significant.

Selecting Teams?

Invite only trials will be held late 2014.  

Are you interested? 

Watch this space for further announcemnets coming soon.