GB U24 Team Manager Application

The WFDF World U24 Ultimate Championships will be held in Perth, Australia in January 2018.  GB will be sending teams in the Mens, Womens and Mixed Divisions.

To apply for the position of Team Manager please complete the attached application form and email it to and The deadline for applications is 31st July 2016 

Core to the vision of the GB U24 squads is a collaborative, cooperative and mutually supportive approach between the three divisions of Open (Men), Women and Mixed. This is considered particularly important at the Under 24 stage of the performance pathway, as this is the first point at which players can participate in, and may have a choice between, a single gender or mixed gender squad. Consequently, Managers of squads at this level are expected to work closely with Managers of the other Under 24 squads throughout the planning, selection, preparation and competition phases of the Under 24 season. In light of this, willingness and capacity to work collaboratively will be considered when selecting Managers for the Under 24 squads.


All the successful Team Managers will be expected to attend a planning meeting which is likely to be held at the end of August or the beginning of September 2016.


We have received some questions about the scope of the role(s).  We hope this will help.


The costs for this event will be high and so we are looking to keep the number of non-playing staff reasonably low.  The position is described as Manager because we expect you to take responsibility for the team.  We expect in general this will involve being the lead coach. 

You will be responsible for:

1.       Selection, training sessions and coaching.  You don’t have to do all of this on your own of course but you are responsible for making sure it all happens.

2.       Working collaboratively with the managers/coaches on the other teams to the benefit of the overall programme (e.g. on selection, training dates and locations)

3.       Ensure team meets all the event-entry procedures (registering players, etc)

4.       Ensuring you and the team adhere fully to the UKU Code of Conduct and uphold the Spirit of the Game at the high levels expected of a GB team


Finances and kit are handled centrally by the GB Administrator who will also be able to provide some assistance with organising trainings and the team/player registration processes for the event.


Applications from more than one person are welcome but we are likely to limit the funding to the equivalent of one person per team.

Applications that propose an approach working across all three squads are also welcome. 

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