Coaching CPD

'Work hard every day and open your mind to learning'

-Shelley Kerr, Scotland Ladies Head Coach


Great coaches are always learning! The aim of the CPD section of the UKU Coaching pathway is to offer opportunities for coaches and leaders of any level to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding around different aspects of coaching Ultimate. By creating a non-linear approach we hope to provide more opportunities and greater flexibility for coaches to develop over time. We recognise that a coach's development is organic and often ad-hoc, through many different routes. Coaches learn in a variety of contexts, not just their own sport, developing knowledge and experience in practical application. We hope UKU Coaching CPD will be a growing resource providing opportunity for coaches to talk to each other, learn, and develop their practice as well as working towards UKU Coaching qualifications.


Coaching CPD options  Details Who is it for? Cost / credits
UKU Coach Forums


These are online discussions around a theme or topic. Each forum will have a small number of participants (usually up to 16). In order to take part you must have access to a computer and ideally also be able to join by video. The forums aim to create opportunities for those interested to come together to learn more about the issues, ideas or themes. There will be time to discuss, ask questions and share. Some forums may have pre-reading material or ask for questions to be submitted in advance. Only 3 Forums can count towards your Level 2 qualification.


These are open sessions for those interested in coaching and leading.

Since April 2020 we've been running these Forums free for UKU Members and will continue to do so.


1 credit

Coach-led / Expert-led sessions 

These are coaching skills clinics run by experienced coaches or experts on a particular skill or aspect of the game. The focus of the sessions will be on improving coaches and leaders' skills and understanding, with an emphasis on teaching and coaching others.


These sessions are for coaches, leaders and players who want to develop their understanding of specifc areas of the game with an emphasis on being able to teach others. More information can be found on the session booking forms.


£30 - £40

2-4 credits

UKU Coaching Ultimate core course (Level 2 core module)

This course is an opportunity to learn more about the fundamentals of playing and coaching Ultimate, focusing on understanding team strategy, developing training sessions and building success over time.

Participants must be 18+, hold a UKU Level 1 qualification and have some coaching experience. It is a mandatory course for any coach wanting to complete their UKU Level 2 qualification.


6 credits

UKU 'Find a Mentor'

This is our new mentoring option for coaches working towards their Level 2 qualification.

Read more here.

This is only for coaches who have already completed the UKU Coaching Ultimate course (see above).


8 credits

Non-UKU Coaching CDP options

There are lots of coaching development opportunities offered by various organisations. If you would like to discuss whether a course or provider not listed here could be used for UKU Coaching credits, please email

UK Coaching

Online and in-person courses, free webinars and much more.


Sports Structures

iCoachKids: Free Massive Open online courses for coaches

Adult Mental Health First Aid

Open University: Coaching others to coach 

Flik clinics

Ulty Results - URCA Certification

EUF Train the Trainer

NGB examples:


1-6 credits



Where will I see updates about new CPD options?

All CPD sessions will be advertised on the UKU events page, coaching newsletter and other UKU channels.

How do I sign up?

Sign up to all sessions will be via the Go Membership portal.

What are coaching credits?

Coaching credits are a way to help you track your CPD and develop your Coaching CV. There is no limit to how many coaching credits you can collect. The UKU Level 2 is a credit-based qualification made up from a number of mandatory and optional CPD credits. We believe ongoing CPD, in whatever form, is important for all coaches. 


For more information email