UKU Level 1X and Level 2 Transfer

The Level 1 X and Level 2 Transfer to Ultimate are qualifications for sports coaches, sports students, PE teachers or trainee PE teachers who are new to Ultimate. Ultimate can be a fantastic option to engage children and young people. It offers new learning opportunities and skills.

Level 1 X

This is a a full day course offering a Level 1 qualification. The focus of the day is on learning disc skills, the rules and how to play the game of Ultimate, and understanding Spirit of the Game and self-officiation. There is also an opportunity to consider how discs can be incorporated into a number of different games and activities for different age groups and ability levels.


Level 2 Transfer to Ultimate

This is a bolt-on option for experienced coaches. To be eligible you must have a UKU Level 1X and a Level 2 qualification in one or more of the invasion sports listed below:

Football, Netball, Basketball, Rugby, Hockey, Handball, American Football, Lacrosse, Multi-skills development in sport.

The Level 2 Transfer to Ultimate costs £15 and can be purchased here.


In order to activate your qualification after purchase please follow the steps below:


Discs can be purchased from UK Ultimate.