University Divisions

Ultimate is a strong, well represented sport at University level with over 80 HE institutions taking part each year in a programme that offers competition in the disciplines of Mixed, Women's & Open and caters for beginners & experienced players alike. A typical season will see some 20 tournaments organised, both Indoors & Outdoors, on a regional & national basis.

For news, announcements and discussions of the University division please see the UniUltimate e-group or by joining the regional facebook groups which can be found on the staying informed page.

Universities play a very important role in the development of the Ultimate and each year hundreds of new students get hooked on this fantastic sport. Indeed many of the top players on the UK circuit had to wait until arriving at University to get their first taste of the game.

Ultimate is an official sport of the British Colllege and Universities Sports (BUCS), with both Mens and Womens Indoor and Open Outdoor Nationals worth BUCS points to the eight highest ranking institutions.


From 2015/16, Men's Outdoors will be contested via weekly league matches, in 5 regions, as detailed in this document.


For the Women's and Mixed divisions, and for Men's Indoors, we use these seven regions (combined into larger regions for Women):


Region 1 (Scotland & Northern Ireland): Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Heriot-Watt, St Andrews, Stirling, and Strathclyde.


Region 2 (North East & North West): Central Lancaster, Chester, Durham, Lancaster, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Northumbria, and Salford.


Region 3 (Yorkshire & East Midlands): Bradford, DMU, Huddersfield, Hull, Leeds, Leeds Met, Leicester, Lincoln, Loughborough, Northampton, Nottingham, Nottingham Trent, Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam, and York.


Region 4 (East & London): Brunel, City, Essex, Hertfordshire, Imperial, KCL, LSE, Open University, Queen Mary's, Roehampton, UCL and UEA.


Region 5 (South East): Arts, Brighton, Chichester, Holloway, Kent, Oxford, Oxford Brookes, Portsmouth, Reading, Surrey, Sussex, and Winchester.


Region 6 (West Midlands & Wales): Aberystwyth, Bangor, Birmingham, Cardiff, Coventry, Gloucestershire, Keele, Staffordshire, Swansea, Warwick, and Wolverhampton.


Region 7 (South West): Bath, Bournemouth, Bristol, Exeter, Falmouth, Plymouth, Southampton, and UWE.

For the Women’s division, some of the regions are joined to create four regions:


Region A (Scotland & Northern Ireland): Includes Region 1.


Region B (North): Includes Regions 2 and 3.


Region C (East): Includes Regions 4 and 5.


Region D (West): Includes Regions 6 and 7.


Please note that the lists of teams in each region are not exhaustive and are there just to give an idea of the teams in each region. If you are in any doubt which region your institution falls into then please get in touch with someone on the university committee.

For more information about BUCS, please see their website.


If you would like to contact someone regarding University Ultimate please see the University Coordinators Committee page to see who to get in touch with.

BUCS Wednesday FAQv1_1.pdf802.38 KB

Eligibility in University Ultimate

The UKU University regulations were drawn up inline with the eligibility rules of the British Universities and College Sports (BUCS) [see here].

UKU University Eligibility Rules

1. Terminology

2. Eligible Participants

3. Special Cases for Participation

4. Ineligible Participants

5. Team Participation

6. Ineligible Teams

7. Unintentional Breach of Eligibility

8. Intentional Breach of Eligibility

9. Movement of Players Between Teams

10. Breach of Movement Terms

11. BUCS Events 

12. Additional Queries


1. Terminology

1.1. UKU: UK Ultimate Ltd;
1.2. Co-ordinator: the University Co-ordinator;
1.3. Committee: the University Ultimate Committee;
1.4. University: University, University College or Institute of Higher Education;
1.5. Region: A group of universities, determined by the Committee on a geographical basis, which are placed together for the purpose of contesting a tournament, or to act as a playing group or representative area;
1.6. Athletic Union/Sports Office: The body within a University recognised by the Association as being responsible for the organisation of student sport within the institution.
1.7. Series: a progression of connected tournaments leading to the allocation of a Championship title [e.g. Indoor Regionals & Indoor Nationals constitude the Indoor Series]


2. Eligible Participants
For an athlete to be eligible to compete in official University tournaments, and to represent his/her University at such an event, he/she shall:

2.1. Be an internally registered student at an institute of Higher Education
2.2. Be a basic/full member of the UKU.
2.3. Be registered on a credit rated course (e.g. Degree or HND); and
2.4. Be undertaking a study programme equivalent to at least 60 credits per year, or in the case of a postgraduate student be undertaking a study programme of no less than 50% of the full time student programme. In other words, the participant's primary occupation must be as a student; and
2.5. Be a player who is permitted by UKU to participate alongside amateur competition in the sport; and
2.6. Have paid the appropriate Union or Athletic Union subscription and have support of the Athletic Union or Sports Office.


3. Special Cases for Participation
The following persons are classified as eligible to participate in official University tournaments, and to represent his/her University at such an event:

3.1. A student who is fully registered as an internal student at more than one institution (and is by these regulations eligible to compete for each of those institutions) may choose, annually, from among the institutions which they are eligible, which of those member institutions to represent.
3.2. A sabbatical officer of either a Students' Union or an Athletic Union who has paid the appropriate Union or Athletic Union subscription.
3.3. A student satisfactorily finishing his/her course of study in December, March or later, until the end of the academic year, provided his/her Union or Athletic Union subscription has been paid;
3.4. A student embarking on a Sandwich Course and/or Year Abroad course provided all of the following:
3.4.1 The appropriate fee has been paid to their Athletic Union; and
3.4.2 The duration of the course in industry/abroad covers no more than one scholastic year.

3.5. Any cases in doubt should be referred to the Committee.


4. Ineligible Participants
The following athletes are ineligible to participate in official University tournaments:

4.1. Students at 'franchised' colleges unless recognised as fully registered internal students of the institutions they wish to represent;
4.2. Students undertaking less than 60 credits (or equivalent) in the academic year concerned;
4.3. Externally registered students, as determined by the University's registrar;
4.4. UKU members not permitted by the Association to participate in the sport, for whatever reason.


5. Team Participation
A team is eligible to participate in official University tournaments provided all of the following:

5.1. The team consists solely of eligible participants as laid down in sections 2 and 3 above.


6. Ineligible Teams
A team shall be deemed ineligible to participate in University tournaments if any of the following apply:

6.1. A team fields one or more players who are deemed ineligible for participation as of section 4 above;


7. Unintentional Breach of Eligibility
Following an unintentional breach of eligibility, any of the following may apply, at the discretion of the Committee:

7.1. If a potential breach is discovered before the first game the ineligible team plays, any ineligible players will be banned from playing for any team during the tournament. If this leaves the team without enough players to field a full line:
7.1.1 The team may choose not to take part in the tournament, or;
7.1.2 The team may choose to play as a club team for the tournament and will not be eligible to finish in a qualification position.

7.2. If a breach is discovered after the start of the first game the ineligible team plays, one of the following shall apply:

7.2.1 The team may choose not take any further part in the tournament;
7.2.2 If the current games are still in group stages, the team may choose to continue playing as an open team (as above).

7.3. If, after any of 7.1 or 7.2 have been imposed, an ineligible team finishes in either a qualifying or trophy position, they shall not receive the award, and the next most eligible team shall instead receive the award.
7.4. If the breach is discovered after the tournament has finished, and the ineligible team has finished in either a qualifying or trophy position, they shall be stripped of the awards, and the next most eligible team shall instead receive the award.


8. Intentional Breach of Eligibility
Following an intentional breach of eligibility, any of the following may apply, at the discretion of the Committee:

8.1. If the breach is discovered during a tournament, the rules as set out in section 7 above shall be followed;
8.2. If a breach is suspected of being intentional, the matter shall be fully investigated by the Committee. No further action will be taken until the matter is resolved;
8.3. If a breach is discovered to be intentional, the Committee may impose any ruling felt necessary, including, but not limited to, the club fielding the ineligible team being:
8.3.1 Banned from attending the next University competition;
8.3.2 Banned from attending University competition for the remainder of the scholastic year;
8.3.3 Banned from attending University competition for the next scholastic year;

9. Movement of Players Between Teams
This rule is to be applied with respect to any set of University tournaments that allow clubs to enter multiple teams at a single stage [i.e. Regionals being one stage, Nationals/Not the Nationals being a second stage]. The following define what movement of players between teams within the same club during a Series is acceptable:

9.1. In each event, clubs entering more than one team shall declare which team is the first, which is the second, and so on, so as to facilitate the following rule;
9.2. Players may only play for one team at each stage of the Series, e.g. a player may not compete on the first team at Nationals Division 1, and on the second team at Nationals Division 2.


10. Breach of Movement Terms
A breach of the movement terms defined in section 9 above shall be classed as an intentional breach of eligibility and shall be dealt with using the terms defined in section 8 above.

11. BUCS Events

For BUCS events in addition to UKU eligibility rules all competitors must comply with BUCS eligibility rules which can be found on the BUCS website here.

If you are unsure whether the event you are competing in is a BUCS event, please refer to section 12.


12. Additional Queries
If a team's current situation is not clarified by this document, any additional queries, clarifications or questions based on the above must be addressed directly to the Co-ordinator.

Uni Eligibility FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Uni eligibility.

If you have any specific questions or request a clarification feel free to contact your Regional Coordinator on the University Committee.


My institution does not have an ultimate team, can I play with another one?

You may be  permitted to compete with your next most sensibly-nearest institution's Ultimate team for non-BUCS events ( the Mixed division, but not in the Mens or Womens Indoors or Outdoors divisions). However teams should not look to outside students as a matter of course; it would be infinitely preferable for them to explore every means of finding players from their own University before they start exploring pickups from other Universities. As a rule of thumb, if your most sensibly-nearest institution does not need you to play with them, then you cannot.

The specific criteria is attached in a document at the bottom of this page.

I'm a part time/postdoc student, can I play?

Maybe. If your institution's registrar has you down as being a part time (60 credits/year) or full time (120 credits/year) student then yes you may compete. For cases that do not involve a credit based system, part time is defined as at least 50% of the full time course hours. Postdocs is more on a case-by-case basis, as to whether the University considers you students or not. Ask the committee and they'll look into the possibilities.

I'm a visiting student at another institution, can I play for them?

You may only compete with one institution per academic year. Provided that the visiting institution's registrar classifies you as a student and you have not competed for your original institution this academic year then yes, you may compete with your visiting institution.

I'm graduating this year, can I play?

Masters or PhD students (as it often is) who finish their course and graduate part way through the academic year may play only for the part of the academic year they are registered with their institution for, they must also fulfill the usual criteria (i.e completing 60 credits or equivalent in that academic year) for eligibility.

I'm a member of staff at an institution, can I play?

No, you're not a student.

I'm a graduate from an institution and am allowed to be an associate member and train with the team, can I play?

No, you're not a student.

Do I need to buy individual membership to compete at Regionals?

Yes, everyone playing at Uni Regionals (in any division) needs to hold valid at least basic UKU membership.

University Mixed Eligibility Criteria 2011-2012349.88 KB


Past results in National University competitions:






















UMIN Div 1Div 2






UWOR (ScotlandWestNorth and East)









Uni Ultimate 2013-14.xlsx34.58 KB
Uni Ultimate 2014-2015.xlsx28.07 KB


Past results in National University Open competitions (Gold, Silver, Bronze):


Mens Indoors: Strathclyde, Glasgow, Birmingham 

Mens Outdoors: Bath, St Andrews, Strathclyde


Mens Indoors: St Andrews, Sussex, Dundee 

Mens Outdoors: Sussex, Bath, Glasgow



Mens Indoors: Birmingham, Manchester, St Andrews 

Mens Outdoors: Nottingham, Glasgow, Birmingham



Mens Indoors: Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester

Open Outdoors: Birmingham, Dundee, Manchester



Indoors: Cambridge, Glasgow, Birmingham

Outdoors: Cambridge, Sussex, Manchester



Indoors: Dundee, Manchester, Birmingham

Outdoors: Cork, Edinburgh, Birmingham

Indoors: Exeter, Manchester, Dundee
Outdoors: Sussex, Cork, Bristol

IndoorsSussex, Edinburgh, Manchester
Outdoors: Sussex, Cambridge, Edinburgh

Indoors: Portsmouth, Manchester, Edinburgh
Outdoors: Portsmouth, Edinburgh, Warwick

Indoors: Edinburgh, Cardiff, Warwick
Outdoors: Warwick, Portsmouth, Loughborough

Indoors: Edinburgh, Warwick, Brunel
Outdoors: Cardiff, Cambridge, Bristol 


Past results in National University Women's competitions (Gold, Silver, Bronze):


Womens Indoors: Edinburgh, Strathcylde, Bath

Womens Outdoors: Edinburgh, UCL, Bath



Womens Indoors: Chichester, KCL, Birmingham

Womens Outdoors: UCL, Oxford, Edinburgh



Womens Indoors: Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow

Womens Outdoors: Birmingham, Exeter, Newcastle



Womens Indoors: Loughborough, Birmingham, Edinburgh

Womens Outdoors: Oxford, Birmingham, Loughborough



Indoors: Dundee, Birmingham, Edinburgh

Outdoors: Bangor, Durham, Birmingham



Indoors: Dundee, Aberdeen, Cork
Outdoors: Sussex, Edinburgh, Newcastle


Indoors: Edinburgh, Trinity, York
Outdoors: Sussex, Southampton, York


Indoors: Edinburgh, Warwick, Exeter
Outdoors: Sussex, Cambridge, St Andrews


Indoors: Exeter, Chichester, Glasgow
Outdoors: Warwick, St Andrews, Sussex 


Indoors: Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Warwick
Outdoors: Sussex, Newcastle, Warwick


Indoors: Dublin City, Edinburgh, Southampton
Outdoors: Bristol, Loughborough & Nottingham, Oxford



Past results in National University Mixed competitions (Gold, Silver, Bronze):


Mixed Indoors: Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester

Mixed Outdoors: Event hit by snow cancellation



Mixed Indoors: Glasgow, Leeds, Birmingham

Mixed Outdoors: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Strathcylde



Mixed Indoors: Birmingham, Dundee, Oxford

Mixed Outdoors: Birmingham, Glasgow, Dundee



Mixed Indoors: Birmingham, Loughborough, Warwick

Mixed Outdoors: Birmingham, Dundee, Heriot-Watt



Mixed Indoors: Birmingham, Warwick, Durham

Mixed Outdoors: Birmingham, Dundee, Bristol


Mixed Indoors: Sussex, Surrey, Dundee
Mixed Outdoors: Edinburgh, Leicester, Sussex

Mixed Indoors: Cork, Portsmouth, Sussex
Mixed Outdoors: Southampton, Loughborough, Manchester

Mixed Indoors: Warwick, Sussex, Exeter
Mixed Outdoors: Sussex, Warwick, St Andrews

Mixed Indoors: Glasgow, Exeter, Warwick
Mixed Outdoors: Warwick, Manchester, ?


Mixed Indoors: Warwick, Cardiff, Aberdeen
Mixed Outdoors: Warwick, Cambridge, Nottingham


Mixed Indoors: Edinburgh, Warwick, Manchester
Mixed Outdoors: Warwick, St Andrews, Leeds



The University Year

For upcoming University Events see here, though this can be spotty if people forget to create events. Regardless, when decided the calendar, and locations, are announced via the regional facebook groups.

The following is for the academic year 2018-19:

(Format: [University] [Open/Mixed/Womens] [Indoor] [Regionals/Nationals])

University Mixed Indoor Regionals - 27/28 October 2018

University Mens Indoor Regionals - 10/11 November 2018

University Womens Indoor Regionals - 17/18 November 2018

University Mixed Indoor Nationals - 24/25 November 2018

University Mens and Womens Indoor Nationals - 9/10 February 2019

University Womens Outdoor Regionals  - 2/3 March 2019

University Mixed Outdoor Nationals - 16/17 March 2019

University Mens and Womens Outdoor Nationals - 13/14 April 2019


You can see venue information will be available here once confirmed or you can find it by checking the event pages on the calendar.


*Events* are provisional dates.

University Coordinators Committee

The UKU University Coordinators Committee is responsible for the administration of University Ultimate: they oversee the tournament allocation process for Regionals and Nationals, enforce rostering rules, adjudicate any eligibility questions, and aid the Regional development of Ultimate.

In addition to the following members, the committee includes Si Hill (as Admin) and Chris White (as DoC), and may co-opt additional people on a year-to-year basis:


Tom Daly is the current University Coordinator. If you have any questions about University Ultimate in general he is an excellent person to contact.


Ashley Robinson is the current Women's Coordinator. If you have any questions relating to Womens she is your first point of contact.


Tanya Fozzard is the Mixed Coordinator. Anything to do with Mixed, is hers to work with.


Dave Halls is the Open/Mens Coordinator.


There are four Regional Coordinators, representing Scotland, the North, the East and the West. The contact addresses are provided below: - Hannah Brooker - Sam Fowler - George Perry - Hugo Degerth

UKU University Coordinator (in the chair)

The UKU University Coordinator is a full member of the UKU Board.

The University Coordinator should be the main point of contact for new University or College teams and for related official enquires.

The Coordinator should act as the chair for the UKU University Committee, leading discussion and ensuring its productivity. The Coordinator should support the Regional Coordinators in their duties.

Through liaison with the UKU Director of Competitions, attempts should be made to schedule the major UKU University tournaments around the other major UKU tournaments to enable the more talented University players to compete in more than one division.

The University Coordinator will be responsible for agreeing format and scheduling of UKU University tournaments, as well as ensuring a standardised process of tournament bidding and dealing with any irregularities that arise.

The University Coordinator is responsible for making seeding decisions at the major University events (this should be merely a matter of applying the accepted algorithm).

The University Coordinator should ensure that the resources available to University teams (risk assessments, code of conducts, applications for funding, etc) are kept up to date and are well publicised.

Nearing the end of their tenure, the Coordinator is responsible for advertising the AGM and chairing it or arranging for a replacement Chair.

The Coordinator is appointed by a majority vote at the University Ultimate AGM.

The current University Coordinator is Tom Daly. You can contact him at

National Women's Coordinator

The National Women's Coordinator takes the lead role in developing and encouraging the Womens game across the country & represents the interests of female players within the UKU University Committee.

Specific tasks including:

  • Participating in the organisation of the University Womens Indoor and Outdoor Nationals (the bidding process, seedings).
  • General promotion of the Women's sport to University clubs.

The National Womens Coordinator should support the Regional Coordinators in their duties.

The National Womens Coordinator is appointed by a majority vote. The current Womens Coordinator is Megan Price. You can contact her at

Mixed Coordinator

The National Mixed Coordinator takes the lead role in developing and encouraging the Mixed game across the country and representing the mixed game within the UKU University Committee.

Specific tasks including:

  • Participating in the organisation of the University Mixed Indoor and Outdoor Nationals (the bidding process, seedings).
  • General promotion of the Mixed division to University clubs.

The National Mixed Coordinator is appointed by a majority vote. The current Mixed Coordinator is Tanya Fozzard. You can contact her at

Four Regional Coordinators

The following four regions each has a representative on the Committee:


The North

The East

The West

Regional Coordinators perform the same role across the country as follows:

The Regional Coordinator is responsible for passing news/developments/decisions to their region's University clubs.

He/She is also responsible for gathering information from the region's clubs to help the committee make informed decisions on University Ultimate.

The Regional Coordinator is responsible for promoting Ultimate and encouraging development in the area, this involves:

  • Getting bids for major events from local teams
  • Encouraging and assisting Universities running "fun" tournaments
  • Organising and selecting bids for Regional qualifiers
  • Assisting any developing clubs within their region
  • Leading a group of volunteers in running a regional league (where appropriate)

The Regional Coordinator should also act as a secondary point of contact after the University Coordinator, dealing with matters relevant to their region.

The Regional Coordinator is appointed by a majority vote within the relevant region.

BUCS League

From 2015/16, Men's Outdoors will be contested via weekly league matches, in 5 regions, as detailed in this document.


Spirit Link for 2018-19:
For the details on how Spirit of the Game will be managed for BUCS games, please see this announcement from the University Committee and Spirit of Game Committee.


So, what should you expect if you've just joined your University club? Definitely a few good nights out and a few heavy mornings in the first few weeks of term. Each club has their favourites from pub crawls and pub golf to the three pint challenge, the traditional Ultimate drinking game. Most clubs organise socials throughout the year so if you want to join a club for the drinking you couldn't do any better than Ultimate!

Pretty soon you'll be lucky enough to attend a tournament. In all likelihood, this will be an Indoors Beginners event sometime in October. Each tournament has a party on Saturday night where, after having played Ultimate all day, everyone lets off a bit of steam! If it's your first tournament you'll notice the standard of Ultimate drop slightly on Sunday morning. You might think this strange but it's pretty much the same at every tournament the world over...

Unless it happens to be near your home town you'll be spending the whole weekend away, and probably kipping on someone's floor. To that end, here's a useful list of things to take with you.

Tournament Essentials (& desirables!)

All tournaments


  • First & second shirt or Light & Dark
  • Shorts

 Various medicines:

  • Arnica
  • Deep Heat
  • Freeze spray
  • Gauze
  • Ibuprofen
  • Paracetamol
  • Plasters
  • Savlon
  • Tubigrip

 Sleeping Bag
 Water bottle
 Towel and toiletries.
 Eveningwear stuff

 Non-marking trainers
 Knee/elbow pads

 Boots/Astros, visor/hat, suncream, aftersun