The role of the Scheduling Committee is to:

  • Deliver format and schedules for the main outdoor UKU events
  • Support TDs (esp. for UKU events) in producing the best possible formats/schedules for their competition
  • Provide a resource of tournament formats/schedules for members to use in their own tournaments

Team Members

This group was formed in March 2007.  The current members of the team (plus their club) are listed below:

Nicole Cozens (ISO)

Jaimie Cross (Clapham)

Ranulf Gibson (L.atitude)

Matt Harwood (Ltd Release)

Benji Heywood (Abstract)

Si Hill (Clapham)

Rich Hims (LeedsLeedsLeeds)

Benedict Marrable (Brighton)

Hannah Nistri (LeedsLeedsLeeds)

Felix Shardlow (Brighton)

Luke Tobiasiewicz (St Albans)