Club Ultimate

This section of the website contains information about ultimate clubs and competitions within the UK, across all divisions.

The teams section allows you to manage and/or search for and join teams.

There is an area set aside for each of the main divisions: Open, Women's and Mixed where you can find information about those divisions and in particular the latest results. To find information about ultimate in a specific area you can visit the Regional Ultimate section

Additionally there is a further area of the website dedicated to University and Juniors ultimate respectively. This is where you can find information about the divisions that are specific to those groups - such as eligibility rules for University ultimate


Bid Process to Run UKU Club Outdoor Events

Are you interested in bidding to run one of the UKU Ranking events? Check out the information HERE to find out more information on how to send in your bid and what you need to consider.


If you want to be kept up to date on the bid status' of events and to be sent an update when any new events become available to bid on in the future, make sure to SIGN UP to the UKU Event Bid Status newsletter!


Club Affiliation

If you are looking to affiliate your club, please head to the affiliation page.


Safeguarding: "Playing, coaching and participating safely"

The UKU Safeguarding Committee has produced a number of documents to help clubs safeguard under 18 and adult players.

UKU Adult Safeguarding Policy and Procedures

UKU Safeguarding Pack for clubs


Qualification rules for international club events 2017-18

In addition to the usual European Ultimate Championships Series (EUCS) in the Open, Women and Mixed divisions, 2017-18 will also see three additional international club competitions.  This document provides details on the qualification rules to those competitions.


Tournament Rules

UKU-sanctioned tournaments are all governed, as a minimum, by the rules laid out in this document:

UKU General Tournament Rules

This includes information about

  • Membership and Eligibility
  • Kit
  • Entering Tournaments
  • Squad Sizes
  • Tie-breakers for Pools / Round-Robins

These are extended and supplememented by rules for individual divisions or competition series. For rules governing UKU Tour, Nationals and EUCS please see the:

UKU Competition Rules 2017

This includes information about

  • Competition structure
  • Rosters and Eligibility
  • Kit
  • Entering Tour Tournaments
  • UKU Tour ranking system
  • UKU National Championships
  • Appendix (2016 worked example Regional bids for National spots)

There is also an additional document providing full details on the setup for the regional structure in our National Championships:

Map showing regional boundaries within England


The NEW Club Outdoor Entry Procedure can be found HERE

National.pdf839.5 KB
UK Ultimate General Tournament Rules 20141216 v1.1.pdf436.18 KB
UKU Qualification Procedures to international club competitions 2017.pdf661.58 KB
UKU2017ClubOutdoorTourandEUCSCompetitionRules.pdf154.13 KB
UK Ultimate Safeguarding Adults Policy and Procedures.pdf452.43 KB