Open Division

The Open Division is just that: i.e. "open to all players".

The Open Division sees two titles awarded annually: a Tour championship, analogous to a league title, and the National championship, a knockout event run over the course of a weekend. The Tour structure was developed in 1997 as a series of events throughout the country that would allow teams to find their position within the playing population and, by using different tournament formats throughout the season, increase the percentage of games played against similar standard opponents. With points awarded to each position partially based on the number of teams in attendance, the Tour structure has been partly responsible for the increase in standard of the UK game, and has received praise from several of our European neigbours.

As well as showcasing the highest level of ultimate played in the country, the Open division caters for upcoming and newly formed teams, with a three-tier system of competition that promotes competition at greater depth, and allows teams to acclimatise as they learn.