UKU University Coordinator (in the chair)

The UKU University Coordinator is a full member of the UKU Board.

The University Coordinator should be the main point of contact for new University or College teams and for related official enquires.

The Coordinator should act as the chair for the UKU University Committee, leading discussion and ensuring its productivity. The Coordinator should support the Regional Coordinators in their duties.

Through liaison with the UKU Director of Competitions, attempts should be made to schedule the major UKU University tournaments around the other major UKU tournaments to enable the more talented University players to compete in more than one division.

The University Coordinator will be responsible for agreeing format and scheduling of UKU University tournaments, as well as ensuring a standardised process of tournament bidding and dealing with any irregularities that arise.

The University Coordinator is responsible for making seeding decisions at the major University events (this should be merely a matter of applying the accepted algorithm).

The University Coordinator should ensure that the resources available to University teams (risk assessments, code of conducts, applications for funding, etc) are kept up to date and are well publicised.

Nearing the end of their tenure, the Coordinator is responsible for advertising the AGM and chairing it or arranging for a replacement Chair.

The Coordinator is appointed by a majority vote at the University Ultimate AGM.

The current University Coordinator is Emily Powell. You can contact her at