Women's Committee

The current women's committee is:

Georgie Davin, Si Hill, Kirsten Wells, Fowzia Mahmood, Serena De Nahlik, Gayathri Eknath, Francesca Tyler Weddell, Lucy Hyde and Ashley Robinson.

There are still positions available on the women's committee. We are particularly interested in someone to represent the junior game and also those women playing in the open and mixed divisions. Please contact georgiewinborn@gmail.com for more information.


The Role of The Women's Committee (non-exhaustive):

To be the communication group between Women in the UK and the UKU Board. If there are any concerns, such as with the Tour format, or anything at all, these should be directed to the WC - who will then either be able to deal with the matter themselves, or refer it to the UKU Board. The WC will be responsible for promoting the standard of Women's tournaments within the UK.

To focus on recruiting more women's teams for the Women's Tour.

To focus on supporting women's teams throughout the UK to recruit women.

Encouraging contacts between established women's clubs and universities. Coordinating, or requesting information from clubs that do have such contacts, so that other areas of the country may benefit from the knowledge of how best to make this development aim work.

To encourage skills days, with the aim of making sure that they happen, and encouraging established teams to run skills days within their region.

To encourage other non-tour events, eg. hat tournaments - helping to identify where such events may be of use to teams, and suggesting that they happen.

Responsibility to ensure that these days are advertised effectively to all teams throughout the UK.

To co-ordinate and encourage what is happening in different regions - so that the development of UK women is known - and if one region is e.g. found to be lacking in 'development events', attention can be focused there. In addition, this will help to build a central knowledge of women's development initiatives.

lReviewing the Women's Tour rules and updating as appropriate.

Coordinating with the DoC for Women's Tour schedules.

Keeping the Women's section of the UKU website updated and useful for members.

Working out ways of developing the Women's game in the UK. That may involve requesting feedback from Women in the UK.

Responsibility for ensuring those plans are implemented and developed.