UKU Level 1

'I'd recommend the UKU Level 1 to any player, whether thinking about coaching, captaining or just deepening their understanding of the game.'

James Burbidge, Ultimate Coach

'Our pre-course discussions were collegiate and progressive; where St Mary's University could share what the trainee teachers needed from the course and discuss the relevance of learning for use in primary schools. Our ideas and needs were incorporated into the delivery of the sessions on the day and the course outcomes were achieved. This level of flexibility and personal application is often lacking from sports courses.'
Julie Pearson, HEA Senior Fellow and Senior Lecturer - Primary Physical Education, Institute of Education, St Mary's University

We offer two UKU Level 1 courses:

  • Level 1X for those with limited or no playing experience
  • Level 1 for those with at least 6 months' playing experience
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UKU Level 1X

  for those with little or no experience in Ultimate 

  UKU Level 1

  for Ultimate players, leaders or coaches

The Level 1X is a comprehensive introduction on how to teach Ultimate to beginners with an emphasis on disc skills and how to teach fun games and activities using a disc.

We mix practical and classroom time to cover all the fundamentals of playing and coaching basic Ultimate skills and application of Spirit of the Game.

Workshop Length: 6 hours.
3 hours practical
3 hours theory

Participants: age 14+

Content: Basic rules, throwing, catching, games, activities and drills, Spirit of the Game and self-officiating.

Resources: Comprehensive resource pack including activity cards, online resources and more.

Price: £85 per person

Availability: For more information or to book a course for your group please contact us.


Call: 0844 804 5949 (voicemail)

This is the first step on the Coaching pathway for players who want to coach, lead or just learn more about the sport. It is suitable both for playing and non-playing coaches and leaders. Players must have at least 6 months experience of the game.

We mix classroom time with practical application to cover the fundamentals of coaching.

Workshop Length: 8 hours.
6 hours theory
2 hours practical

Participants: age 18+

Content: Focusing on fundamental coaching skills. 

Resources: First steps into coaching resources, UKU Handbook and Workbook, online resources.

Price: £85 per person

Availability: Please view the coaching calendar to find a course near you. We aim to run at least 10 Level 1 courses around the UK each calendar year.


We actively support clubs who train a large number of their players and especially those clubs that seek to train even numbers of male and female players.

If your club is interested in hosting a Level 1 course, please contact us and we can look into providing a course in your area,

  • We announce all courses in our newsletter and on other social media platforms.