Matalan Sporting Promise - yoUR Activity

In Secondary schools there is a huge drop off of pupils taking part in PE as they bcome switched off by main stream sports. Matalan and the Youth Sport Trust have therefore provided a frame work for non–traditional sports, such as Ultimate, to be introduced into schools to create opportunities for young people to take part and become a part of something new or different.

Watch this video where Sir Steve Redgrave explains about the Matalan Sporting Promise.

Ultimate offers another avenue for young people to take in sport. Not only is the activity itself different, with new skills to learn, but Ultimate has positive social elements that schools find interesting. Ultimate is a self-refereed sport at a competition level. Within a school context it can help to teach social values in a practical way, whilsts having fun playing sports! These include sportsmanship, communication, conflict resolution and many more. For more information about how Ultimate has been used for positive social change, take a look at this artical:


UK Ultimate is the National Governing Body for the sport of Ultimate (ultimate frisbee). We have created a development plan that will link in to the Matalan Sporting Promise, with our current development scheme. It is our aim to create a lasting lagacy of Ultimate from the yoUR Activity programme and creating a working relationship with schools in this project is key.


Leadership Courses
We offer a number of leadership courses for organisations to host. 

Bespoke versions of our Leader Award and Sports Leader Award are being delivered for the MSP project.

Leadership courses and taster workshops, for teachers and pupils, have been the most affective way of kick-starting the project at schools already running the project.

Contact us directly for more information about the MSP course options



Schools Affiliation
A free to join scheme with the simple aim of connecting with schools better.

Please sign your schools up by using the Affiliation Form so we can add the schools details to our database.

Please visit the affiliation page here


Schools Ultimate is growing across the UK - we want everyone to join in. The Matalan Sporting Promise yoUR Activity has been a great way for us to launch the Schools National Championship Series. Based loosely on the ideas of School Games levels, we have produced documents to support leaders in running felxibile Ultimate competitions in their schools.

Further up from the resources, UK Ultimate will aim to support and sanction school events [similar to level three schools games festivals]. Any cluster of schools that host a competition, of almost any size, can seek to have the event sanctioned so that the winning school can gain a place at the UKU Schools National Championship Finals.

Our aim is to create flexible competititon within and between schools.

Please visit the uku-schools page and download our documents for more information.