mixed division event

UKU University Mixed Indoor Regionals 2016/17

Submitted by benheywood on Mon, 25/07/2016 - 8:17am
Event date: 
29 Oct 2016 (All day) - 30 Oct 2016 (All day)
Event details: 

UXIR 2016 will be held on this date in 7 regional locations.


Scotland: Oriam, Heriot Watt.

North: Tom Finney Sports Centre, UCLan.

Yorks & East Mids: The Edge, Leeds.

West Mids & Wales: Alan Higgs Centre, Coventry.

SW: MarJon, Plymouth.

SE: Surrey Sports Park, Guildford.

East & London: UEA Sportspark, Norwich.


More venue details, including the playing surface, expected times of play, and full venue addresses, can be found here: http://goo.gl/x2u5EI


Entry is through the UKU Event Entry form.

The closing date for entries is Thursday 13th October 2016. If you are entered as of that date, you WILL BE LIABLE for the fees, even if you drop out afterwards. We MAY accept entries after that date if there is room, but only if it happens to make the numbers better for scheduling.

You do not need to pay upfront to secure your spot if that is difficult for you - there are often delays going through university processes, and we understand this. But as mentioned, you WILL be liable if you initially sign up and then drop out after the closing date.



UKU/BUCS Indoors Entry Rules

BUCS Regionals (Open/Women - see additional rules for Mixed below)

The closing date and payment date will be as announced by BUCS (to your Uni) and on our UKU event pages. BUCS will no longer accept late entries this year. It may be possible for us to institute a second round of entries after the first deadline has passed if the tournaments are undersubscribed, but these will be charged (by BUCS) at 20% over the initial price - and we cannot in any way guarantee to make space for teams who have missed the BUCS deadlines. Don't mess this up!


For tournaments that are over-subscribed at the closing date the following rules will apply, in order:

·         First teams will get priority over second teams, and second over third etc.

·         If there is insufficient room for all first teams, places will be awarded in the following order:

o   First teams finishing in the top half of the previous year’s tournament

o   First teams who didn’t enter the previous year’s tournament

o   Remaining first teams in order of their finishing position last year

·         If there are spaces remaining after all first teams have been awarded a space, second teams will be offered places in an order based on finishing position last year, and then third teams and so on

o   Second teams with no finishing position from last year will have a lower priority than those who attended – but still above all third teams (and so on)

If the cut-off happens to fall between 2 or more teams with no finishing position from last year, a lottery will be run between those teams to determine entry.

BUCS Nationals

The closing date and payment date will be as announced by BUCS. Entry is guaranteed for all qualifying teams provided they meet this deadline.

Should any teams fail to take up their spots, the places will be filled by the next-ranked team from one of the qualifying tournaments, with priority among regions determined according to the following (in order):

1.       The region(s) not yet offered an extra place under this process which had the fewest qualification spots originally

2.       The region from which the team dropped out

3.       The strongest regions, i.e.

a.       for Division 1, the region with the highest-ranked relegated team last year – but note that rule 1 means we ignore teams from regions already awarded a dropout-spot.

b.      for Division 2, the region with the highest average finishing position in Division 2 the previous year

c.       for Women’s, the region with the highest average finishing position last year.

4.       A lottery between regions that cannot be separated by the above


Rules will be the same as for BUCS tournaments, with the following additions:

Late entries may be accepted, providing that they improve the schedule for others. We will not allow late entries which make the numbers worse.

·         Single-institution teams at a given level (e.g. 1st, 2nd etc) will have priority entry at regionals over any teams at the same level who have players from more than one institution.

·         UKU reserve the right to move clubs to a blacklist if any of their teams default from any UKU University tournament at late notice.

o   Blacklisted 1st teams will only get into non-BUCS tournaments if there is space for all 1st teams; 2nd/3rd/4th teams from blacklisted clubs will only get a space if the tournament is undersubscribed – i.e. someone else’s 4th team will get in ahead of your 2nd team.

Qualifying Spots


Mixed (Div 1 + Div 2) (change versus last year)
Scotland & Northern Ireland: 4+2 (gained one div 1 spot)
North East & North West: 2+3
Yorkshire & East Midlands: 5+2
East & London 2+2
South East 2+3 (lost 2 div 1 spots, gained one in div 2)
South West: 2+2
West Midlands & Wales: 3+2 (gained a spot in Div 1, lost a spot in Div 2)

Which region are we in?

Please note that your region is not necessarily related to where your Men's team plays in the Outdoor leagues. We have 7 indoor regions (combined into 4 larger regions for Women's), which do not tally with the 5 Outdoor Men's regions. Check carefully!

This list should now contain all the Unis - if your team is missing please do let us know and we'll update it!


South East East + London South West West Mids & Wales Yorks & East Mids NE & NW Scotland
Brighton Anglia Ruskin Bath Aberyswyth Bradford Chester Aberdeen
Chichester Bedfordshire Bournemouth Bangor De Montfort Durham Dundee
Holloway Brunel Bristol Birmingham Hallam Lancaster Edinburgh
Kent Cambridge Exeter Cardiff Huddersfield Liverpool Glasgow
Oxford City Falmouth Coventry Hull Manchester Heriot-Watt
Oxford Brookes Cranfield Plymouth Gloucestershire Leeds Newcastle St Andrews
Portsmouth Essex Southampton Keele Leeds Beckett Northumbria Stirling
Reading Goldsmiths UWE Staffordshire Leicester Salford Strathclyde
Surrey Hertfordshire Winchester Swansea Lincoln Sunderland  
Sussex Imperial   USW Loughborough UCLan  
  KCL   Warwick Northampton    
  LSE   Wolverhampton Nottingham    
  Open   Worcester Nottingham Trent    
  Queen Marys     Sheffield    
  Roehampton     Sheffield Hallam    
  SOAS     York    
  St Mary's     York St Johns    
Contact name: 
Benji Heywood
Contact email: 


How to register: 

Entry is through the UKU Event Entry form.

Accomodation and transport: 

Some accommodation may be available with the local team, depending on which region you are in. Please indicate your needs on the entry form and we will try to help out. Note that it will be floor space rather than anything comfortable, so if you see a cheap hotel deal it would be worth grabbing!

Mix & Mingle 2017

Submitted by Simon East on Sat, 05/03/2016 - 8:43pm
Event date: 
4 Feb 2017 - 09:00 - 5 Feb 2017 - 17:00
Event details: 

The annual festival of retro fun returns to Ponds Forge and the usual 24 team format in 2017. See the website for entry and full details.

Prior year champions:

2016 - Crazy Diego*

2015 - Relentless

2014 - Athletic Club Deportivo Pentago

2013 - Dazed & Confused

2012 - Dazed & Confused

2011 - Skills or Bills

2010 - DiscMen

2009 - Bigger Than You

2008 - VIMUT

*video footage seen after the event showed that Relentless should actually have won the final

Contact name: 
Si East
Contact number (primary): 
Contact email: 


Event website: 


How to register: 

Details will be available on the website.

Accomodation and transport: 

Details will be available on the website.

The Durham Hat 2016

Submitted by 05smcstay on Tue, 02/02/2016 - 12:49am
Event date: 
10 Jun 2016 - 19:00 - 12 Jun 2016 - 17:00
Event details: 

Taking place at Maiden Castle, Durham from the 10-12 June, we promise a weekend filled with fun, feudal fanfares (aka music) and frisbee as we spin back the clocks to the Ancient World. So if you think you're ready then sign-up and join us as we flick back the pages of time and go deep into the past.

Pray that your swings hit their targets; your cuts always go deep; and that your defenses hold as we prepare for "The Battle of Maiden Castle".


Contact name: 
Sam Mcstay
Contact number (primary): 
Contact email: 


£30 or £38 with a disc
How to register: 

Open to all this mixed event Hat tournament is a brilliantly fun environment to play Ultimate in; whether you've been playing 10 years or 10 minutes. Every team will be carefully selected to be balanced with a mix of players old and new so don't worry about having experience. There's Ultimate, camping available and a party on the saturday night, plus you get to walk away with a swanky new kit top; yours to keep forever.


Note: Entrance this year is once again £30 or £38 with a disc. Entrance is only confirmed once we have your form AND payment but PLEASE PAY AFTER SIGNING UP via the link provided. It's first come first served so timing will matter as places are going fast.


Sign up and get involved: https://goo.gl/forms/j9wau8q5XO

Accomodation and transport: 

Camping will be provided on site. This will be at no extra cost but please say on the form if you think you may camp as we'd rather be over than under prepared for you. It will once again be at the Maiden Castle University Sports Facility located here: https://goo.gl/1nsvl7 . It's about a half hour walk from the station and about 15 minutes from the town centre. However there is also plenty of parking should you need it and cars can be left onsite. See you there.

Please bring: 

You'll need boots, water; money - for food and the party; and a tent if you're camping. The optimists among you should bring sunscreen, sunglasses and a parasol. The less optimistic umbrellas, coats and warm clothing. Our ancient history theme also promises to bring back a party from the past so get thinking about costumes too. Pack smiles and good spirit as you ready yourself for The Durham Hat 2016. 

UKU Mixed Tour 1 2016

Submitted by benheywood on Fri, 18/12/2015 - 3:17pm
Event date: 
2 Apr 2016 (All day) - 3 Apr 2016 (All day)
Event details: 


As per previous years this years Mixed Tour 1 will be held at Llanrumney Fields in Cardiff. 

Registration - Registration for Mixed Tour 1 2016 is now closed. 

Deadline for payment was the 14th of March on a first come first serve basis. Please note if you have entered and you with withdraw after this date you will not be eligible for a refund.

Venue - There will be food available as per normal and the usual changing/showering facilities will also be available. 

IMPORTANT - There will be no on site camping/accommodation this year due to lack of availability at the nearby rugby club. With this in mind the venues facilities will only be open during the hours of 7:30 and 18:30. Please plan appropriately as the clubhouse will be closed outside of these hours.

Schedule - The draft schedule is now available at the following link:


Insofar as is possible, we intend to keep this updated with results throughout the weekend. No guarantees of course, but we'll do what we can!

There will be no printed schedules or captains packs (other than the large master at the TD desk). There is no need to visit the TD desk on arrival, any last minute changes will be sent via text to your team captain/nominated person.

For the Saturday games we are hoping to keep the live schedule as up to date as the results we receive (see below). 

Result & Spirit reporting - We will yet again be implementing a paperless system. After every game please head to the form (http://goo.gl/EJ9H8L) and submit your game and spirit score for your opposition. In the unlikely event that no one in your team has a smartphone/device you will be able to do this at the TD desk as a last resort.

Water - As per the UKU's new water policy the large water containers will unfortunately not be used this year. In their place we will be providing each team with 3 x 5L full water containers on arrival. It is then the teams responsibility to ensure there are filled from the clubhouse between game slots.

To collect your water please report to the TD desk on arrival. Any water not collected on Saturday will be distributed on a first come first serve basis on Sunday. 

Pitches - Where possible we are aiming for 5m between pitches. Where this has not been possible please ensure that you use common sense when looking where to store bags etc. 

Hooters - Games start and cap will be signalled using hooters. All games will be signalled by one long blast (under the current schedule format).

Warm ups - Where possible please run your warm ups off the pitches to ensure they stay in the best condition for the games.

Keep up to date - Follow @MT1TD for up-to date info or use the hashtag #UKUMT1 .

Physio & First Aid - There will be 2 physios on site to deal with any injuries incurred during the tournament. Please note they are not there to help with pre-existing injuries. There will also be 2 first aiders on site located in or around their ambulance. The nearest hospital can be found here - http://goo.gl/ES4NVw 

Parking - As per previous years if you are parking at the fields the venue staff reserve the right to charge for parking (approx. £1 per car per day). Please note once the fields close on Saturday evening, you will not have access to your vehicle. 

Sponsorship - We are very pleased to have VC Lookfly on board this year sponsoring the event. Not only will they be on site this year with some great gear but they will be offering some great pre tournament deals (see note from them below). Best of all the winners of the tournament will walk away with their team fee in VC Lookfly vouchers.


"Lookfly is stoked to be the Official Sponsor of UK Ultimate's Mixed Tour 1 tournament in Cardiff this April!

The weather is going to be awesome so why not swing by our tent to check out all of the new and improved Lookfly gear and potentially even WIN FREE Lookfly and VC swag!

In the mean time, you need jerseys, we make jerseys.  It's a perfect match!  Until February 14th, all teams competing in the Mixed tour will receive guaranteed free delivery at the event and 10% off the already awesome new Lookfly jersey introductory prices!

Drop us a line today to take advantage of these incredible offers! info@vclookfly.com "


Important Links -

Spirit & score submission - http://goo.gl/EJ9H8L


Schedule - https://goo.gl/2FtV8E


Twitter - @MT1TD / #UKUMT1



Contact Details


James Hall - 07736282427

Iain Thackrah - 07464608464




Contact name: 
James Hall/Iain Thackrah
Contact email: 


Accomodation and transport: 



As above, due to issues with availability we will not be able to offer any on site camping this year. Sorry for any inconvenience.


UKU Mixed Tour 3 2016

Submitted by see_jay_bee on Wed, 25/11/2015 - 10:52am
Event date: 
14 May 2016 (All day) - 15 May 2016 (All day)
Event details: 

We're over the moon to be hosting you all again for Mixed Tour 3 at Bishop's Cleeve Football Club, near Cheltenham.

The event will run all day on Saturday which we hope to include a show game in the early evening where the bargain curry will be available again! Please advise your numbers for this prior to the event so that we can confirm with the venue. This will be paid for by you on the day, but it would be good to at least get an idea of numbers so we don't over/under cater.


The final should be completed by around 5 on Sunday so hopefully you'll all be home in time for some well earned food and rest.

The clubhouse will be open until late on Saturday night so those of you that want to have a bit more of a shindig can! PA system will be onsite, so if you want to bring a play list with you to plug in, you can – but deal with the staff on the night for this.

We need to ask though that you don't bring your own food and drink into the club house. Prices there are very reasonable and in previous years it's been rather embarrassing having to tell the minority to respect the club and consume your own stuff in your tents or offsite.

You can now find the schedule here: https://goo.gl/el0rXf and also as a pdf below for printing.

The info pack can be found here: https://goo.gl/zMtdEx

Contact name: 
Chris Billingham
Contact number (primary): 
During Tour - Emma 07812 150870, Team Entry - Chris 07854 941650
Contact number (secondary): 
Contact email: 
£199 per team including Sunday Breakfast
How to register: 

Through the UKU Entry Form

Cut off date for entries is Saturday 30th April, where we expect to have received payment as well as the entry form. We have a maximum limit of 48 slots, which we’d love to fill - we were a bit light last year...!

If we're oversubscribed at the closing date, the UKU will determine which teams earn a space according to their usual policies - below, in order of application (note - these are under review after some issues at MT2, so may change slightly but will be broadly similar to this):

- Teams ranked in the top 32 of the previous tournament
- Foreign teams believed likely by the UKU Competitions Committee to finish in the top 16
- Teams whose participation the UKU Competitions Committee believe will benefit the growth of
Ultimate – for example, but not limited to, local teams who may not yet be ready to travel to other
tournaments, or teams based in underrepresented geographical areas
- Teams unable to enter the previous event due to over-subscription or non-entry
- Remaining teams, in order of their finish at the previous tournament

Any team that drops out with less than a week to go will not get a refund, those who drop out the week after entry cut off will receive a 50% refund, so please make sure you’ve got your team committed. We want to have as many of you there as possible, but please make sure you’ve got the numbers so that we can get the schedule published as early as possible, hence the refund policy.

Accomodation and transport: 

Free on site camping at BCFC is available, from friday night with plenty of room.  Shower block and toilets will be available all day and throughout the night.

Cheltenham has lots of hotels and B&B's which can be found on the web. In terms of location, the nearest village is called Bishops Cleeve, where there are a few take aways - the chippy is pretty good and a good size tesco's with a Costa coffee inside. 

Please bring: 

Good weather, good spirit and the usual excellent attitude.

Appropriate clothing for all weathers - we can get it all over the weekend.

Also make sure all your belongings are tagged with your name on them - such as boots, water bottles etc - after this tour, what's not claimed will go to the chairty shops!!

UKU Mixed Tour 2 2016

Submitted by benheywood on Wed, 25/11/2015 - 10:49am
Event date: 
23 Apr 2016 (All day) - 24 Apr 2016 (All day)
Event details: 

UKU Mixed Tour 2 will be held on this date at Salford Sports Village, Salford M7 3NQ


We are pleased to announce that entries are now open through the UKU Entry Form and will cost £190.

The initial closing date will be Thursday 7th April. After this date any remaining spaces will be first come first served. You must enter AND pay before that date to secure your spot.

Please note also that we cannot guarantee to accept all teams due to space and scheduling considerations - if the tournament is full at the closing date, the criteria for deciding which teams get a spot are below, in order of application:

- Teams ranked in the top 32 of the previous tournament.
- Foreign teams believed likely by the competitions committee to finish in the top 24.
- Teams whose participation the UKU Competitions Committee believe will benefit the growth of Ultimate – for example, but not limited to, local teams who may not yet be ready to travel to other tournaments, or teams based in underrepresented geographical areas.
- Teams unable to enter the previous event due to over-subscription or non-entry.
- Remaining teams, in order of their finish at the previous tournament.


Note that this does put pressure on those near the bottom to finish as high as they can at MT1!

Note also that we have had many issues over the years with teams securing a spot and then pulling out. Not only is this a hassle, but also it often means that teams who could have entered miss out initially and then struggle to get a team together again at very short notice. If you are entered as of the 7th April, you will NOT BE REFUNDED unless you can show genuinely exceptional circumstances - it is simply not fair for teams who are less than certain of their participation to clog up the available spaces, so be very sure you have a team, even if a couple of players were to get injured.

Obviously we will refund any teams who don't get in, or any teams who pull out BEFORE the deadline.



Please be aware that this is venue does offer us some challenges for a tour event. Last year went very very well, but there is no doubt that some of the logistics are a little harder than elsewhere. It remains very hard to source large grass venues during football season. Below are some of the possible issues that we might face. We will of course do what we can to make everything run smoothly!

Parking will be on site this year, both in the car park and on the grass. Please follow the directions of the marshalls.

Water: We will provide each team with their own two 5L bottles of water that they can refill whenever they are back at the building - this should provide sufficient water to refill their personal bottles during games. Nominate your JTM/water-carrier now!

Toilets: There is an appreciable walk from the farthest pitches to the toilets, but due to the lack of heavy vehicle access we cannot put portaloos at the far end to alleviate this problem. And as it's mixed, we also can't put the Women's games on the pitches near the building of course! We intend to write the schedule with fewer back-to-back games than we would normally use, so that people are game-on-game-off almost all of the time and are able to head back to the building more often.

Shelter: Again, it's a good walk to the main building from the far pitches, and we cannot set up large marquees at this venue. We will set up gazebos/event shelters to provide some additional protection from the elements - but be aware this will clearly not be enough to shelter every player and will only mitigate the problem somewhat rather than solving it. Bring warm clothes and waterproofs!

Contact name: 
Benji Heywood
Contact email: 


How to register: 

Through the UKU Entry Form

Accomodation and transport: 

Last year we offered a small amount of accommodation on site, but the take-up was very low and we had to cancel it. This year we will not be offering any, but it is a very cheap part of the country for hotels etc. A quick search shows that at time of writing there are FIVE different Travelodges within 10 miles for £85 or under, for two nights for 3 people - approx £14 per person per night. We would struggle to beat that price by very much to sleep you in the sports hall!



UKU University Mixed Outdoor Nationals 2015-16

Submitted by benheywood on Wed, 25/11/2015 - 10:46am
Event date: 
19 Mar 2016 (All day) - 20 Mar 2016 (All day)
Event details: 

University Mixed Outdoor Nationals will be held on this weekend at Durham University (.

For this Mixed event, each point will be played with 3 of one gender and 4 of the other (offence decides which). Make sure you have enough of both!

We'll run a Swiss Draw format like last year (similar to Windmill) which will give us a fair tournament with lots of close matches even though we expect a sizeable number of teams. We have capacity for 32 teams this year - apologies for it being somewhat smaller than last year, but finding a large venue which is not clogged with a backlog of football has been very difficult in this extremely wet winter!


We do not guarantee to be able to provide accommodation for everyone, but we will try and source as much as we can with local players or in scout huts. Please do not ask for accommodation unless you really need it as it's likely to be a challenge for an event this size!


Entries are now open through the UKU Entry Form. The closing date for entries will be Friday 4th March. We understand that it's not always easy to get payment sorted through your uni, so you do not need to pay by that date to secure your spot - but if you are signed up as of that date, and are offered a spot, you will be liable for the fees if you subsequently pull out. Don't enter a team just on the off chance you might take up the spot!


Any spaces remaining after that date will be awarded on a first come first served basis.

If the tournament is over-subscribed at the closing date the following rules will apply, in order:

  • Teams not on the blacklist (for dropping out late from an event in the last 12 months) will be given priority over those who are. Blacklisted 1st teams will be below all other 1st teams, but ahead of any second teams.
  • Teams finishing in the top half of last year's event will be given priority, in order of finishing position.
  • First teams qualified for UXIN Division 1 this year will be given priority, in order of finishing position.
  • Remaining first teams will be ranked ahead of second teams, and second ahead of third etc.
  • Within the group of first teams (and within second etc, if it gets that far) teams will be ranked in order of the higher of a) their finishing position at Mixed Indoors or b) the AVERAGE of their finishing positions at Men's and Women's Indoors.
  • If there remain too many teams - which cannot be separated by the above - for the remaining places, a lottery will be run for ONLY those inseparable teams, for those places.
Contact name: 
Jon Pugh
Contact email: 


How to register: 

Through the UKU Entry Form

UKU Club Mixed Indoor Nationals 2015-16

Submitted by benheywood on Fri, 11/09/2015 - 1:49pm
Event date: 
5 Mar 2016 (All day) - 6 Mar 2016 (All day)
Event details: 

UKU Club Mixed Indoor Nationals will be held on this date at the Alan Higgs Centre, Allard Way, Coventry, West Midlands CV3 1HW.



The Info pack can now be found here: https://goo.gl/9olL2l 

The provisional schedule can be seen here: https://goo.gl/X5weYY

The schedule will be made final later this week, providing no major errors have been found.

Both are available as PDFs below, for printing.


The online version of the schedule will of course update throughout the weekend for those who wish to follow along with the tournament fromn afar!



There will be space for approx. 24 teams.

The tournament will be Indoor Mixed, requiring a 3/2 gender split at all times. Please make sure you have enough of each!

Games will run from around 9am-9pm on Saturday and from 9am-5pm on Sunday - we've booked very long hours on the Saturday to accommodate more teams for this event. Obviously we will schedule it so that any team plays only the early or later part of the day rather than a full 12 hours, but hopefully this will enable us to cope with demand for places.



Registration is now open through the UKU Entry Form. Your place is reserved only when you have both entered AND paid. Teams who are unsuccessful in entering will of course be refunded.

The closing date will be Friday 12th Feb 2016, early enough to give those teams who are successful time to plan their logistics. If spaces remain after that date, we will of course continue to accept entries on a first come first served basis providing that doing so does not adversely affect the schedule for other teams - but we will be able to confirm places for entered teams at that time.

We expect to have space for 24 teams. If the event is oversubscribed at the closing date, the method for determining entrants is below.


This venue has a (recently relaid!) 3G Rubbercrumb floor - you will need short moulded studs or the pimpled Astroturf boots.


We do not expect to provide accommodation at this tournament. Please get in touch if this is a major problem for you, but we are unlikely to be able to help you much beyond putting you in touch with local players who MAY be able to help.




For tournaments that are over-subscribed at the closing date the following rules will apply, in order

·         Teams not on the blacklist (for late dropouts at previous events) will get priority over those who are

·         Teams finishing in the top half of the same event in the previous year will be given priority.

·         First teams will NOT get priority over second teams - it is so easy to simply change the name of a 'second team' to avoid such a rule, which would disadvantage those 'proper' clubs who have a real identity.

·         Teams will be awarded spaces based on the order of DATE (not exact time) that payment was sent. This will be assumed to be the date payment was received unless there is additional information (e.g. screenshot of transfer, postmark on stamp etc.)

If there remain too many teams - which cannot be separated by the above - for the remaining places, a lottery will be run for ONLY those inseparable teams, for those places.



Contact name: 
Benji Heywood
Contact email: 


How to register: 

Through the UKU Entry Form