London Fives

Submitted by DJRumble on Sat, 23/05/2020 - 1:17pm
Event date: 
5 Sep 2020 - 10:00 - 6 Sep 2020 - 17:00
Event details: 
London Fives returns* on the 5th/6th September Iron Five arrive at the fantastic Hackney Marshes Centre in East London for the expanded Open and Women's outdoors 5-a-side competition.
*Obviously whether this event will proceed is highly dependent on the progression of the pandemic and the government's and UKU's advice about when sport can resume. Sign up will only open when there is certainty about whether these can go ahead.
What's going on
- 5-a-side Iron Man competition (no subs!)
- Indoors rules, pitches and game length, but outdoors (indoor weather is not guaranteed...)
- Open and women's divisions (if we have sufficient numbers)
- Total 48 teams (with capacity for more in needed)
- Saturday night party (though I suspect this will be extremely limited due to corona virus restrictions)
For anyone new, or in need of a recap, Iron Five is an 5-a-side Iron Man competition. That means no more than 5 people per team. Playing every point. You are allowed to bring/borrow a 6th player in the case of injuries.
Matches follow indoors rules, size and timings. Only this time we're outdoors with wind (because getting a big enough sports hall in london is basically impossible...).
We are provisionally looking at hosting 48 teams, though we have space to stretch to more if need be. It is our aim to hold a Women's division alongside men's depending on numbers.
Our new location is the brilliant Hackney Marshes Centre, located next to the Olympic Village in East London. Full transport links will be provided soon.
Contact name: 
Damian Rumble
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How to register: 


[UKU Ranking Event] London Moooxed 2020 - CANCELLED

Submitted by megprice on Mon, 09/03/2020 - 11:39am
Event date: 
16 May 2020 (All day) - 17 May 2020 (All day)
Event details: 

As part of the Mixed Division’s third round of events in 2020, London Moooxed will be held on this date at the Old Alleynian Rugby/Cricket Clubhouse and Grounds, London. 


In light of the developing COVID-19 situation, entries for this event are now suspended. Further information on the details of this, as well as future events, can be found on the UKU website homepage: https://www.ukultimate.com/  Please also keep an eye out on the UKU Event Announcement Newsletter for event-specific updates. 


This competition will a Tier 2 UKU Ranking Event. There is only space for 16 teams maximum.

We hope that there will be other Tier 2 ranking events taking place on this weekend as well, but unfortunately we cannot confirm these yet. Please keep an eye out for updates.


More information for the event can be found on Thundering Herd's Facebook page.


Please note that entries for this event will follow the Club Outdoor Event Entry Procedure

Entries will be open around the end of March. Keep an eye out on the UKU Event Announcement Newsletter for updates.


Teams can enter using the GoMembership website.

If you are unsure on how the new entry procedure works, please use the guidelines below to help -

How to Set Up Teams: https://www.ukultimate.com/system/files/HOW%20TO%20CREATE%20TEAMS.pdf

How to Enter Events: https://www.ukultimate.com/system/files/UKU%20Event%20Entry%20Guidelines.pdf

NOTE: You need to be a Club Administrator to enter using this system. If you are not sure who your Club Admin is or you're having trouble with the new process, please email admin@ukultimate.com.


Interested in bidding to run any of these events in the future? Check out the information on how to HERE!

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Submitted by alexnel on Fri, 14/02/2020 - 12:13pm
Event date: 
25 Jul 2020 - 09:00 - 26 Jul 2020 - 17:00
Event details: 

Reading Ultimate have unfortunately had to make the decision to cancel RU Hat 2020. We hope to be back in 2021 better than ever!

Contact name: 
Alex Nel
Contact email: 



UKU Junior (U20) Outdoor Nationals & Schools National Championships 2019-20 - CANCELLED

Submitted by megprice on Tue, 11/02/2020 - 5:24pm
Event date: 
4 Jul 2020 (All day)
Event details: 

We are pleased to announce that UKU Junior (U20) Outdoor Nationals & Schools National Championships 2019-20 will be a one day event held at The Pavilion, Moor Lane, Birmingham on Saturday 4th July 2020.



In light of the developing COVID-19 situation, this event is now cancelled. Further information on the details of this, as well as future events, can be found on the UKU website homepage: https://www.ukultimate.com/  Please also keep an eye out on the UKU Event Announcement Newsletter for event-specific updates. 



Junior Nationals is played 7-a-side (full-size pitches)

UKU Schools National Championship Finals is played 5-a-side (reduced size pitches)


All events are Open divisions (i.e. no restrictions on gender) - there's nothing to prevent either an all-male or all-female team, or anywhere in between. A large percentage of teams will be mixed gender, so bring whatever mix of players you like!


We are of course aware that it can be tricky to organise logistics for something like this, but we'd love to have as many of you there as possible, so do please get in touch on the email below with any questions at all and we'll do what we can to help you make it happen.


Entry is through GoMembership, from TUESDAY 3rd MARCH until THURSDAY 7th MAY. Click HERE to be taken to the Events & Courses section where you will find the event to sign up.



Player Eligibility: Born on or after 1st Jan 2001

Membership/Affiliation requirements:

Players playing for UKU-affiliated schools playing as school teams are not required to have membership.

All other players must have minimum Basic Membership of UK Ultimate.

Team sizes and planning:

Clubs must ensure that they have appropriate levels of adult supervision in place for the event.

Based on past experience please note that you should not enter a team unless you have at least 10 fit players able to travel.

We also strongly recommend that teams plan to have a non-playing adult travelling with the team. There have been instances where small teams have had an injury, and a second player has had to accompany the injured player to hospital, leaving behind a team that is too small to continue. This not only spoils the tournament for the team concerned, but also for their opposition who have travelled and paid to play games, only to find they have a walkover - not ideal for anyone.

Need a team?
If you are a player or a small group of players without enough for a full team, then it may be possible to arrange for you to join up with another team; everyone involved in Junior Ultimate wants you there. HOWEVER you must explain your situation by emailing admin[at]ukultimate.com and have UKU ratify which is the most appropriate team for you to join with. Where possible, players are linked up with players from a similar geographical area.


Clubs/schools are welcome to enter more than one team, but in the event that the tournament becomes oversubscribed, clubs entering multiple additional teams may find lower ranked teams placed on a waiting list.



Player Eligibility: We expect to run 2 divisions.

For the Y11 Division, all players must be in Year 11 or lower.

For the Y8 Division, all players must be in Year 8 or lower.


Team Eligibility:

All teams must be strictly school teams.  In the future we expect all teams will have to qualify through local qualification events.  For the time being, all school teams that wish to enter will be considered eligible.

Given that we are still not at the stage of having numerous regional qualifiers, for now we WILL accept multiple entries from one school (only if there is room of course - priority always given to 1st teams). This should NOT be taken to mean that this will always be possible in the future, but for now we see no benefit in turning teams away.

Membership/Affiliation requirements:

Players do not need individual membership provided the school is UKU-affiliated. Please contact admin[at]ukultimate.com for more information on Schools Affiliation.

Team sizes and planning:

RULES: Please remember this is a 5-a-side competition played to the “UKU-Schools” adapted rules with smaller playing area, and relatively short games.  Exact game-lengths and tournament format will depend on the number of teams that enter.
For more information please look here: http://www.ukultimate.com/uku-schools

Contact name: 
Megan Price
Contact number (primary): 
Contact email: 
How to register: 

Using the GoMembership website (link above)

Fishbowl 2020 - CANCELLED

Submitted by danmayor on Fri, 31/01/2020 - 3:29pm
Event date: 
26 Jun 2020 - 19:00 - 28 Jun 2020 - 17:00
Event details: 

The annual Fishbowl returns for 2020, look forward to two days (27th - 28th June) of sensational outdoor loose mixed Ultimate on the lush campus of Lancaster University, as well as accomodation for the weekend and a party on the Saturday!



Due to the ongoing coroanvirus pandemic we are having to cancel the event to ensure the saftey of everyone.

Contact name: 
Daniel Mayor
Contact number (primary): 
Contact email: 


How to register: 

*** sign up to follow ***

Accomodation and transport: 

We will offer accomodation for both Friday and Saturday nights. If you are able to sort out your own accomodation, let us know, and we can reduce the tounrament fee for you.

There are good bus links between the city and campus so getting here is very easy.

Please bring: 

Outdoor kit, sleeping stuff, fancy dress for the party

ShamBulls InsideOut

Submitted by katie.reynolds9... on Sat, 23/11/2019 - 8:51pm
Event date: 
15 Mar 2020 - 10:00
Event details: 

Shambulls InsideOut is a 20-team, loose mixed outside tournament, with indoor rules. We are a club at a sub campus of University of Nottingham and the event will be held at the Sutton Bonington Sports Centre.



Please bring camp chairs etc as we are out in the open with little shelter. There will be 2 small event shelters.

Shambulls InsideOut entries are full. 



Contact name: 
Katie Reynolds
Contact number (primary): 
Contact email: 

Find event on facebook to message me. 

£65 per team (£115 for 2 teams)
How to register: 

Please email with the following:


·       Captains name

·       team name (and number of teams)

·       contact number

Please bring: 

- outdoor kit and studs

- lunch (although we will have a burger van at the event!)

- water (we will provide some and there is fountains in the sports centre)

- picnic blanket/camping chairs as its in a field 

- a fun-filled, social team!

Fog Lane Cup

Submitted by beavan on Fri, 22/11/2019 - 9:35pm
Event date: 
23 May 2020 - 09:00 - 24 May 2020 - 18:00
Event details: 

Returning for 2020, the ‘Fog Lane Cup’ tournament will be held on Saturday May 23rd & Sunday 24th May at Old Saltleians Rugby Football Club in Birmingham (Kendrick Ave, Birmingham B34 7SB).

Traditionally a 16 team open tournament, this year there will also be an 8 team womens’ division.

The tournament will also have UK ultimate ranking points available as a tier 2 event (With method A entry criteria).

The tournament will follow the unique cross pool format with bonus points available for winning big and losing closely.

To register for the tournament please email Matthew Beavan – beavs37@hotmail.com

Entries are open from Monday 25th November - Sunday 12th January.


Contact name: 
Matthew Beavan
Contact email: 


Event website: 


How to register: 

Email - Matthew Beavan - beavs37@hotmail,com

[UKU Ranking Event] UKU Regionals 2020 - CANCELLED

Submitted by megprice on Wed, 20/11/2019 - 6:04pm
Event date: 
1 Aug 2020 (All day) - 2 Aug 2020 (All day)
Event details: 

UKU Regionals 2019 will be held on this date in two different locations for both the NORTH and SOUTH regions in ALL 3 divisions - Open, Women's & Mixed.


All of the information for the Regionals events will be available on the Event Website soon. 


Note that UKU Regionals is now classed as a UKU Ranking Event and so all teams competing will be eligible to earn ranking points at this competition based on their finishing position.



Venue TBC



Venue TBC


We have NOT cancelled the events, and if possible we will still go ahead with these competitions on these dates.  Please sign up to our Event Announcements newsletter for updates.

We hope to be able to accommodate all teams, but should the event be oversubscribed then we may need to make some changes and/or add additional venues. 


Please enter this event on the assumption that it will be a 2 DAY EVENT. Details on whether this event will be one or two days will be confirmed when entries close and the decision will be based on the final number of teams that have entered.

If you would only be able to play if it was just 1 day, please DO NOT enter. However, you can email events@ukultimate.com instead to express your interest in attending. 


Teams can enter using the GoMembership website.

If you are unsure on how the new entry procedure works, please use the guidelines below to help -

How to Set Up Teamshttps://www.ukultimate.com/system/files/HOW%20TO%20CREATE%20TEAMS.pdf

How to Enter Eventshttps://www.ukultimate.com/system/files/UKU%20Event%20Entry%20Guidelines.pdf

NOTE: You need to be a Club Administrator to enter using this system. If you are not sure who your Club Admin is or you're having trouble with the new process, please email admin@ukultimate.com.  



Further details on the competition structure for 2020 can be found here: https://www.ukultimate.com/newsletter_issue/uku_club_outdoor_ranking_events_2020


IF YOU ARE NOT TAKING UP YOUR NATIONALS QUALIFICATION POSITION: You have up until Wednesday 5th August to let us know that you are not taking up your position. You can do this by emailing events@ukultimate.comIf you do not inform us by then then your team will be considered as going and you WILL be liable to pay the full team entry fee. If you have any concerns at all that you may not be able to send a team, make sure that you let us know before the above deadline (5th Aug). If you know before the Regionals competition that you will not be going to Nationals should you qualify then please do let us know as early as you can so that we can make schedule considerations if necessary.

The number of bids to Nationals per region will be announced here soon. 

Please ensure that your team and players are familiar with the UKU Tournament Rules and the relevant Event Specific Appendices prior the event(s) as there is important information in there regarding this particular event and it's requirements


Contact email: