GB Claim Silver at World Championships of Beach Ultimate

In June, 119 teams from 32 countries took to the sand in Royan for the World Championships of Beach Ultimate. 

The USA took Gold in all the divisions, except the Women's division where Russia staged an incredible comeback to win the final on universe point. 

GB were represented in all 7 divisions and came away with 2 Silver medals and 1 Bronze, which matched the number of medals won at WCBU 2015.

GB Open got off to shakey start but finished the tournament very strongly making it to the final with wins over Canada in the quarters and Philipinnes in the semis. USA took a very entertaining final but GB can be very proud claiming their second Silver medal in a row.

GB Women got through to the semi finals where they came up against the eventual champions Russia. They convincingly beat Canada to win the Bronze medal.

GB Grand Masters won a very credible Silver medal beating Finland in the semi final but USA were too strong in the final.

GB Mixed lost to Germany in the quarter final but finished 7th with a convincing win over Portugal.

GB Masters Men finished 8th after a couple of loses on universe point.

GB Masters Women finished 4th after making it through to the semi finals where they met a strong Canada side and then Australia in the 3v4 game.

GB Masters Mixed finished 5th with good wins over Finland and Spain.



Gold       USA 

Silver     GB

Bronze   France


Gold     Russia

Silver   USA 

Bronze GB


Gold     USA

Silver   Canada

Bronze Germany

7th       GB

Masters Men

Gold     USA

Silver   France

Bronze Canada

8th       GB    

Masters Women

Gold     USA

Silver   Canada

Bronze Australia

4th       GB

Masters Mixed

Gold     USA

Silver   Canada

Bronze France

5th      GB

Grand Masters

Gold     USA

Silver   GB

Bronze Canada