GB Beach 2013 - Open

GB Open – European Championships Beach Ultimate 2013.


The European Championships Beach Ultimate 2013 will be held at Calafell Beach (Tarragona, Spain) from the 27th to the 30th of June 2013.


Following highly competitive trials we have selected a talented and committed squad. Working with Ed McDermott our S&C coach, we have been preparing a team to win Gold at the tournament.


Following our first outing at Paganello the following team has been selected for ECBU:


Alex Cragg - Fire

Chris White - Chevron

Chris Whittle - Fire

David Ford - Fire

Davd Salisbury - Ka-Pow

David Stobbs - Clapham

Elliott More - Cambridge

Harry Geller - Fire

Kai Yokoo-Laurence - Clapham

Jaimie Cross - Clapham

James Baron - Fire

Magnus Wilson - Clapham

Paul Sarjeant - Fire

Richard Roberts - Brighton

Richard Taylor - Ka-Pow

Stuart Greer - Fire



David Ford and Jaimie Cross

GB Open Beach Team Managers 2012/13

Open Beach Application Form - ECBU2013 Players.doc52 KB