GB Masters Open 2011-12

GB Masters 2011-12 will be led by Stu Mitchell, Ben Mitchell & Si Hill.

Latest info:

We're going to start with two trials.  We'd like people to attend both as far as possible.  Depending on numbers we MAY do some selection prior to and after the first trial.

Dates: 26-27 Feb and 2-3 April.  Locations TBD but expect somewhere between Coventry and Leeds...
Times will be approx:
Sat: 1pm-5pm, followed by a short(ish) meeting approx 6pm-7pm.
Sun: 9am-1pm

The trials are completely open to anyone that is eligible to play GB and meets the age criteria.  The eligibility rules from WUC 2008 can be seen here
 - its pretty unlikely there will be substantial changes. 

To be eligible for EUC 2011 your date of birth must be in 1978 or earlier.
To be eligible for Worlds 2012 your date of birth must be in 1979 or earlier.  We want to hear from you too, and you are welcome to get involved straight away during 2011.

We will have more info about additional dates, etc, at the Feb session.  I know some people are worrying about which tournaments we might do.  *IF* we enter a European tournament in 2011, we will aim for Windmill Windup - but we may look for other ways to get some match practice in June/July.

We expect to create an extremely competitive team...  If you aren't quite sure about committing right now - please put yourself forwards to come to one or both of the trials and find out how we see things shaping up.

To put yourself forwards for selection please email (or email Si directly at his blueyonder address if you have it) with the following info:
1. Name
2. DoB
3. Which year(s) you want (or are able) to play
4. Some playing background: current/past teams - that sort of thing. 
5. What player "class" you are if don't have a UK passport (see WFDF eligibility link for details)
6. If you cannot come to one or both trials please say so.

There are some great Masters players out there who might only hear about this through word-of-mouth.  If you know of anyone that might be interested please feel free to forward this message to them - we will certainly consider strong players that might otherwise not be playing.