GB Youth 2019

10th-17th August 2019 the EUF will be running EYUC in Wroclaw, Poland.


This will most likely be the largest European ultimate championships ever, bigger than EUC, with over 60 teams expected. EYUC will be played on 2 locations: the Pola Marsowe fields around the Olympic stadium that hosted multiple previous Ultimate events and at Olawka fields. There will be 14 natural grass fields and 5 astroturf fields at those locations, and another 5 astroturf fields in reserve.


GB will be competing in both Mens and Womens divisions of the U17 and U20 competitions. Congratulations to the coaches and managers who have been appointed to work with the respective teams.


Trials will be taking place at the beginning of 2019, players can find trials application forms here.