Club Indoors 2014-15 - Dates and Venues

Here are the plans for the UKU Club Indoor season 2014-15.


Club Open Indoor Regionals:

Glasgow 'Soccerworld', 6th Dec (1 day), unlimited capacity (they have lots of pitches we can extend the booking onto)

Plymouth 'MarJon Centre', 18th Jan (1 day), 16 teams

Stoke on Trent 'Fenton Manor', 17/18 Jan, approx 28-32 teams

UKU/BUCS Men's Regionals - Info and Schedules

All the Information Packs and Schedules for the Men's events can now be found on the event page:


The schedules are draft for now, pending any teams dropping out or any errors being spotted. They should be safe to trust by the end of tonight.



University Indoors: Nationals qualification

Allocation of University Indoor Nationals spots by region, 2014-15

Men's Div 1:
Scotland + NI - 5
North East + North West - 3

Uni Mixed Indoors - Entries now open

Entries are now open for all our Uni Indoor regional events, including Mixed. Please see the relevant event pages for more info:

University "Open" Indoors becomes "Men's"

Just a note to remind everyone of this change, and to explain it.

BUCS will recognise either Men's and Women's, or Mixed, but not both. So when we had just one division, they were happy enough to let us call it 'Open' and have everyone play. However, by sanctioning Women's this year (unequivocally a good thing - BUCS points, lots of people's entry and hotels paid for etc) we lose that option.

UKU/BUCS University Indoors 2014-15 - Entries open

Entries are now open for BUCS Indoor events. Please see the relevant event pages for more info:


Mixed entries will go live just as soon as we have all 7 venues nailed down!

University Indoor Venues Announcement

UKU are pleased to announce the venues for (almost) all of our University Indoor Championships 2014-15.

UKU Regionals - Reminder of rostering rules

All teams playing this weekend are reminded that:

a) all players require at least Basic membership

b) some rostering rules do still apply