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New UKU logo


Introducing the new UK Ultimate logo.

We actually completed this work a little while ago and originally planned to release it alongside a new website, and some other updates.  In the circumstances we recently decided to simplify the plan, and start the process of switching to the new logo now.  We hope you like it.  Realistically you’re going to see both this and the old one in use for a while.  Please bear with us.

We would like to thank Jon Schofield and Onthree for their help, expertise and patience.

Return to Play Update - 12th Aug

Further to our earlier announcements regarding Return to Play we are now able to release the following guidance update.  


We will move to Phase B of our Phased Return to Play on Monday 17th Aug, applicable UK-wide other than regions subject to “local lockdown” conditions.  REGIONS SUBJECT TO EXCEPTIONAL LOCAL LOCKDOWN CONDITIONS STAY IN PHASE A.  THIS APPLIES BOTH TO THE ACTIVITY LOCATION AND INDIVIDUAL PARTICIPANTS.

Phased Return to Play Guidance

We have set out a 5-phase plan for returning to play.  Please see the guidance documentation below.


Return to Play Update - 7th Aug

We have just received an initial response from DCMS regarding our proposed approach to returning-to-play.  We have been asked to make some adjustments to some of the documentation, but we will be in a position to issue a more detailed update next week.  For now we remain in Phase A.

GB Supporter Jersey

We’ve teamed up with Lookfly to offer a 2020 GB supporter jersey where the proceeds will be used to build up a small fund to support GB players who lost money this year.  Our 2019-21 teams are playing in Red and White jerseys; this one is for the fans!


In 2020, we had teams heading to WUGC, WJUC and WMUC and these events were either cancelled or postponed.  Some of the players lost money on accommodation deposits, and those heading to WUGC 2021 face an increase in the player fee.  This isn’t going to cover everything, so we will work with the teams to find the best way to target this support to the people who need it most.


So, if you fancy some stylish GB supporter gear, please head over to the Lookfly store to order the jersey and give a helping-hand to some of the affected players.  (Order deadline: 20th August.)  

UKU Nationals - Cancellation

Sadly we have now taken the decision to cancel UKU Nationals on 29-30 August.  Hopefully this is not a surprise to anyone, but it is nonetheless a great disappointment.  


We have submitted our return-to-play action plan to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) as per the announcement we made on 10th July.  There are indications that major team sports are making plans to return to community competition, and so for the time being we will leave open the possibility of running a club National Championships under a different format before the end of the year, subject to the response we receive from DCMS.


We are optimistic that we will be able to move to Phase B in the coming weeks, but please understand that until we have formal sign off for the Action Plan we are still in Phase A (see the announcement from 10th July for more details).  

Fundraising to support Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee projects

We wanted to update members about progress following the forum that was hosted in June.


The first point to acknowledge is confirmation from those at the forum that people of colour do experience racist attitudes in and around our sport.  This must change.  There was also discussion about barriers to participation.  There were a number of themes but the overarching issues are the lack of accessibility and representation in Ultimate.  In order to tackle these issues, the most immediate action arising from the forum is that we will be setting up a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) committee during August to help inform and lead on changes and projects. 


 Alongside this step, as part of the UK & Ireland BLM fundraiser, we were asked if teams could donate to UKU to support improvement of diversity in ultimate in this country.  With that in mind, we have set up this donations fund to provide the DEI committee with a budget for some initial projects.  

Update to Government Guidance - 10th July

Organised club training is not permitted. 


The government has announced a framework for the return of recreational team sport which is applicable from 11 July.  This does not mean, however, that it is possible for team sports to be played from that date.


For the avoidance of doubt, we are still in PHASE A of our Outline of Phased Return to Play.  Organised Ultimate club training is not permitted.  We are working through the details of the latest information to work out how and when they can be applied to Ultimate.  We have to produce an Ultimate-specific action plan for sign off by the Department of Culture Media & Sport.  We will do this as quickly as we can, but cannot be certain how long it will take.


In response to queries we have received regarding individuals from different households meeting to throw a disc, we make the following comments.  

  • You must take responsibility for understanding and following the guidance on meeting other people as it applies to you and your location.
  • We note that UK Government guidance has indicated that throwing a ball or frisbee between people who are otherwise maintaining appropriate distance, is “allowed”, assuming appropriate care is taken to clean hands and the equipment beforehand, afterwards, thoroughly and regularly.  
  • We understand that there is a cross-sport medical group investigating this issue.  
  • If you feel comfortable throwing a disc with other people under public health guidelines as they apply to you and your location, then it is your decision and you accept the risk of doing so.