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UKU Junior Outdoor Nationals and Schools National Championships 2015 - Results


Airbadgers U14s: The youngest of last weekend's champions: AirBadgers 1 (Year 8 & Below) 

Airbadgers U14s

Congratulations to everyone at JON & Schools 2015 - it was an amazing weeked of high quality, spirited Ultimate, and the venue once again commented on our perfectly behaved players.

UKU Open & Women's Tour 3 - Schedule & Info Pack #ukut3

Apologies for the delay once again - we've lost an even larger number of teams than usual this week.

The Info Pack and Player Pass can be found here:

You'll find the schedule here:

UKU Junior Outdoor Nationals and Schools National Championships 2015 - Info Pack and DRAFT Schedule #ukujon

We are pleased to be able to announce some more information for this weekend. Please find attached the Info Pack, and do get in touch if you have any questions which are not answered therein.

UKU London Calling - Results, Spirit, Lost Property #ukut2

Thanks to everyone for a great weekend in London.

Thanks to the players for coping brilliantly with the temporarily inclement weather, and many thanks to the fantastic venue for being in stunning condition on Sunday despite being under a couple of inches of water on Saturday evening.

UKU London Calling - Planned rescheduling options

Thanks to everyone for your understanding during the deluge this afternoon, and the loss of the last round of games. Obviously with standing water on pitches it was more important that we enable them to drain, in order to be able to play tomorrow, rather than risk damaging them tonight.


UKU London Calling - Weather Update #ukut2

An important note about weather tomorrow for UKU London Calling:

The forecast has varied through the day, but suggests at least a possibility of a lightning storm. Obviously we will stop play in such a circumstance - please see the attached protocol for information on stopping, restarting and safety.

UKU London Calling - Info Pack and Schedule #ukut2

The Info Pack and confirmed schedule are now available for this weekend's HUGE London Calling tournament.

There have been over a thousand clicks on the draft schedule link and no one has spotted major errors, so we'll go ahead and confirm it now. Barring complete disaster, this should now be set!


UKU Open & Women's Tour 3 Entry Confirmation

Thank you again for your patience - we have now resolved all the issues with missing payments and can confirm entry for teams to UKU Open & Women's Tour 3 2015 in Cardiff.


At the closing date, we had 60 Open and 20 Women's teams paid; after a review of the pitch situation in Cardiff we have determined that we can accept all of these teams.