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UKU London Calling - Info Pack and Schedule #ukut2

The Info Pack and confirmed schedule are now available for this weekend's HUGE London Calling tournament.

There have been over a thousand clicks on the draft schedule link and no one has spotted major errors, so we'll go ahead and confirm it now. Barring complete disaster, this should now be set!


UKU Open & Women's Tour 3 Entry Confirmation

Thank you again for your patience - we have now resolved all the issues with missing payments and can confirm entry for teams to UKU Open & Women's Tour 3 2015 in Cardiff.


At the closing date, we had 60 Open and 20 Women's teams paid; after a review of the pitch situation in Cardiff we have determined that we can accept all of these teams.

Water provision at UKU events

Further to discussions on britdisc and twitter, please see below for some more background on the changes to water provision at recent and future UKU events.

The water provision at events has been a concern for some time, and we've tried a number of different ways to come up with something that is efficient, cost-effective and not unduly wasteful of water or plastic.

And still there's more! Additional important London Calling info #ukut2

Continuing the release of info...

We can expect a draft schedule and full Info Pack tomorrow, all being well (though one team has, just now, let us know they are struggling and may pull out). Anyway, here are the next few things to think about:

UKU London Calling 2015 - Yet more important info!

Continuing our plan to drip-feed information for this enormous event, in the hope that you have a good chance of actually reading it, here's some more!


Important London Calling Info

There are a few pieces of info that we need to share with you about London Calling - so we'll start early and make sure there's time for you all to see it!


UKU Regionals (EUCQ) 2015 - venues awarded, venues required

We're happy to announce that UKU Regionals for the North and the South West will be in Manchester (Burnage RFC) and Bristol (South Bristol Sports Centre) respectively.