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Calling all injured players!

It's time for our annual request for volunteers to help run our larger events. Are you injured, or retired, or being forced to drive people somewhere and watch?

We'd like to know if any non-players will be attending some of the big tournaments this year and would be able to help us by carrying a radio and hooter.

Mixed Tour 1 - Schedule confirmed

The schedule for this weekend's UKU Mixed Tour 1 is now available from the event page.

New UKU board members

Further to the board election held in January we are pleased to announce that Willis Bruckermann joins the UK Ultimate board this month.  In addition to the election, Nick Smith has been appointed to the board for a two-year term to support our work to increase the recognition of Ultimate both within the UK sports industry and with potential commercial partners.  Huge thanks also to Ali Smith for her continuing work on the GB Oversight Committee.

Berry Construction sponsor London Summer League

We’re happy to report that Berry Construction will be sponsoring the UKU London Summer League again in 2015.  Dan Berry – who’s first experience of Ultimate was a London Summer League pickup team in 2004 – is promising to bring a works-team to the league this year.  “We sponsored the league last year, and we were keen to do so again in 2015.  We’ve even created a new ultimate-friendly landing page on our website: as we’ve collected quite a few testimonials from ultimate players over the last couple of years."

If you are interested in promoting your business within the Ultimate community by sponsoring an event, league, team or project that is run by UK Ultimate then please let us know.

National School Sports Week

UK Ultimate is always looking for opportunities to encourage schools to play Ultimate, and we have a small group of volunteers in London looking for some help with an idea we want to try.

Volunteers Needed - Stockton School Games - 14th May 2015

UK Ultimate has been asked to help host a junior mixed tournament at the Stockton School Games on the 14th May 2015.

We are looking for some volunteers to help make this happen.

Please email admin[at] if you are interested!

WFDF announces London as host of 2016 World Ultimate and Guts Championships (WUGC)

We're delighted to be able to share WFDF's announcement that the 2016 World Ultimate & Guts Championships - WUGC 2016 - will be hosted here in the UK.  The event will be held 18-25 June at UCL Sports Ground: the same venue as World U23 Ultimate Championships 2015 and UKU's London Calling.

New Women's Committee Members

Uk Ultimate would like to welcome Fowzia Mahmood, Jassy Drakulic and Gayathri Eknath to the newly reformed women's committee. The new committee also has Lauren Bryant (competitions), Ellie White (uni ultimate), Georgie Davin (chair) and Si Hill as members. The role of the committee will predominantly be around developing the women's game in the UK.