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Indoor Event Calendar correction

Club Open & Women's Indoor Nationals was previously advertised with the incorrect date.  The correct date is 22-23 Feb 2014.  The event is being held at Sporthouse, Dagenham, London.  Apologies for any confusion.

UKU Member Update November 2013

In this update:

- UK Ultimate application to Sports Councils

- Membership and Ultimatum!

- Events Calendar 2014 reminders

- GB Juniors 2014

- Sports development dissertation idea

Fitness for Ultimate with Tim Morrill

UK Ultimate is pleased to announce Fitness for Ultimate courses with Tim Morrill. Tim is working with UKU and Ka Pow! to bring interested players two essental courses for fitness in Ultimate; Speed & Agility and Strength & Power. Both three hour courses, including a question and answer section!

We have arranged for courses to happen in two northern locations, Liverpool and Manchester. Each of the locations differs in the approach taken for the groups, and also the price, so please read on to find out which would suit you best!

Participants can sign up to either or both of the courses. Signing up to both at the same time will give you an overall discount.


The Manchester courses are spread across two seperate evenings. These sessions will be a small group with more 1 on 1 time with Tim and his support coaches. The higher price reflects the value of spending more direct time with the coach.

Speed & Agility - Wednesday 6th November (evening) £35

Strength & Power - Thursday 7th November (evening) £35


The Liverpool courses are exactly the same as those being run in London, in conjuntion with Ka Pow! The same content and group sizes. 

Speed & Agility - Sunday 10th November (am) £25

Strength & Power - Sunday 10th November (pm) £25

Sign Up
Use the online form to get a place!

UKU Events Calendar - reminder of Indoor dates 2013-14

This announcement is a summary/reminder of UKU Indoor Nationals and qualifiers.  Please always check individual event webpages for the final details.

UKU requests bids for events marked with an asterisk *.

Club Open & Women's Indoor Nationals was previously advertised with the incorrect date.  The correct date of 22-23 Feb is now shown correctly in the list below.

UKU Member Update October 2013

In this update:

1. Notice of UKU General Meeting on 9th November

2. GB round-up

3. Club competitions including Operation XEUCF Cleansweep

4. Qualification to WFDF WUCC

5. Membership and Club Affiliation

6. Competition Committee changes

7. Event Calendar announcements

Notice of UKU General Meeting Saturday 9th November 2013

Update 13th November 2013: Further to the notice below, the EGM took place on Sat 9th November as planned.  The minutes are available here.  The UKU Board is pleased to confirm that the resolution to update the Memorandum of UK Ultimate was passed, and that Chris Bamford has

UKU Events Calendar - major outdoor dates 2014

Announcing dates and locations (where known) for major outdoor UKU events 2014.  Placeholder events will be set up in the calendar over the coming weeks.  Please check the event-specific web pages to check details.  The events below are listed in date order as far as possible - check specific event pages for definitive information. 

UKU requests bids for events marked with an asterisk *.


1-2 March: UOOR Uni Open Outdoor Regionals * (except Scotland)

8-9 March: Scotland UOOR (St Andrews)

15-16 March: UMON: Uni Mixed Outdoor Nationals (nr Sheffield)

29-30 March: MT1: UKU Mixed Tour 1 (Cardiff)

12-13 April: MT2: UKU Mixed Tour 2 (Nottingham)

26-27 April: UOWON: UKU/BUCS Uni Open & Women's Outdoor Nationals & Alumni Cup (Manchester)

10-11 May: MT3: UKU Mixed Tour 3 (Cheltenham)

31 May-1 June: OWT1: UKU London Calling (UCL Playing Fields, nr St Albans)

21-22 June: OWT2: UKU Open & Women's Tour 2 (Nottingham)

28-29 June: JON: UKU Junior Outdoor Nationals & Schools Championship Finals (Birmingham)

12-13 July: OWT3: UKU Open & Women's Tour 3 (Cardiff)

26 or 27 July: UKU Regionals * various

23-24 August: UKU Nationals / EUCR-West (Southampton)

UKU & BUCS team up for beach event

We're excited to announce that we've further extended our work with BUCS and will see a new beach event to be held at Fistral Beach, Newquay on 19 October.  The event is being run by BUCS with support from Phil Richardson, and will run alongside the BUCS Surf Championships.  The ultimate event is open to anyone (not just students), and more details available on the UKU website and the BUCS website.  Entry forms are already available here.  For the avoidance of doubt this is not an official university competition, and no BUCS points are available.