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Challenge League Teams and Rankings released

Challenge League teams and rankings are now available hereFilter the map to find opponents, or view the submitted results and ranking lists by division.

You need to register your team before you can contact teams, register games and submit results.

  • Please contact us (events@ email address) about missing or incorrect game results.  
  • It is possible to submit game results after a game has been played provided both teams are in agreement. 
  • Please note that results from National League and National Cup games will be included automatically; there is no need to register those games.

The Challenge League - What is it?

Not sure what the Challenge League is?

We've put together a mini info-series of videos so that you can find out!



Interested in taking part? Your teams can sign up to the Challenge League HERE. Once you've registered, you'll be able to see all of the other teams that also want to play so that you can start to arrange games with them. 


We will be publishing a full list of registered teams soon, as well as a map of where you can find them, along with more details on the rankings. Keep an eye out for future updates! 

Return to play - Phase D stall-count

We have received some queries about the implementation of the third-party stall-count as we move into a period where games are perhaps more competitive.  As a result we are publishing the attached guidance which recommends an approach to this situation that should be adopted unless both teams agree to an alternative that they both prefer.

We would like to reiterate the importance of following the Return-to-play procedures.  Ultimate is a close-contact team sport.  Our rule modifications and other covid-related procedures have been signed off by the UK Government and it is only because of those modifications that we are able to play something approaching normal Ultimate at the moment.  Several other team sports (notably rugby and netball) are still subject to similar or more substantial rule modifications.  

UKU Board Election 2021 - Voting Open

Following our call for applications for the UKU board positions advertised on our website we're pleased to have had multiple applications for both the the University Ultimate Coordinator role and the two Without Portfolio positions. We will running elections for these roles and anyone who is a UKU member will be able to vote. 

We have also had an application for the Director of Safeguarding role, as this is the only application for this role we won't be running an election for this position at this time, and the UKU Board will discuss and agree a process for appointing to this position.




Voting will be open from Friday 14th May through to Friday 4th June. In order to vote you must be a member of UK Ultimate (please see further down for more info).


You can read about the candidates for the roles here. You can vote using this google form.

UKU National Cup - 2021 Draw [21st May]


Following the deadline on Tuesday 18th May, we have had a few dropouts. This has required a few slight changes to the final draw for the National Cup 2021. 

Return to Play Update - 17th May

From today, there are some updates to what is permitted in each of the home nations with regards to organised sport. We have outlined the changes for each country below. The infographic has also been updated HERE.


EUCF 2021 Update

The EUF Board have provided an update on their planned approach to EUCF 2021 (previous announcement of that plan from February). The key points at this time are summarised as follows:

  • Should an event take place it will be one xEUCF event in Bruges
  • Planning the xEUCF is currently going ahead.
    • The TOC has approached the city council and we are waiting for their decision on June 15th. After that EUF and the TOC will reassess the financial risk to make the final decision about the event viability.
    • Any registraion or fee's would only be after this decision.
  • TOC has to make financial deposits on the 1.7. and it is not sure if a refund is possible after that date.
  • The bid distribution is being revaluated from last year:
    • Without last year's competition, we will give bids to national federations so that they can decide which team to send. 
    • The distribution is based on previous EUCF results (last 4 Events).
  • The current aim is to host:
    • 20 Mixed Teams
    • 20 Women Teams
    • 32 Open Teams. Should the number of teams need to be reduced that reduction would start in the open division until it reached the same number of teams as the other divisions.
    • The minimum required number of 16 per division


Social Media Boycott

UKU will join other British sporting organizations in boycotting social media from 15:00 BST on Friday 30 to 23:59 on Monday May 3, in response to the ongoing and sustained discriminatory abuse received online by players, particularly in football, and many others connected to sport. 


We stand in solidarity with those who have been affected by this online abuse and call on social media companies to do more to eradicate hate online.


We understand that clubs in the ultimate community may follow suit and we want to make it clear that we understand that in ultimate, social media is often used for internal communications and organisation of games and training. While no club has to take part in this boycott, we encourage clubs to take a break from posting on their external social channels in solidarity with the blackout. However, clubs should feel comfortable in continuing to post in groups internally for organisation purposes. Good internal communication about playing and training plans is particularly important at the moment for obvious reasons.


Boycott action from UKU and other organisations in isolation will, of course, not eradicate online discriminatory abuse, but it will demonstrate that sport is willing to take voluntary and proactive steps in this continued fight.