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Return to play club training feedback survey

We are gathering feedback from clubs regarding their experiences and views on returning to training to help inform our decisions on next steps.  Clubs who have trained since 17th August are expected and required to complete the form.  We would very much like to hear from other clubs and groups too.  The deadline for completing the form is the end of Wednesday 9th September.  Thanks.

Thanks to your support we hit our first target

It’s been an amazing week or so since we started the campaign.  I am absolutely delighted to announce that we have reached our initial target thanks to your overwhelming support.  Thank you to everyone who has got involved.  

Our goal has always been to reset our financial position to where it was at the start of 2020.  We are currently forecasting a loss of approximately £30k.  We set our initial fundraising target at £20k, but to achieve our goal we need to keep going.  

It has been incredible to see the UK Ultimate community of players, ex-players and family-members rally in this way. We are also very grateful for all the messages of thanks and encouragement - they go a long way....  If you are able to read the blog, share the links or make a donation, it will really help.  Thank you.

Blog update and Reset the stall campaign

Following up on the return-to-play plans, we have now updated the UKU blog to share our view of UK Ultimate’s situation as we look forward.  Given our concerns, we launched a crowdfunding campaign, Reset the stall, which went live on 20th August.  We hope you find the information interesting and useful, and if you’re able to support the crowdfunder, that would be fantastic, thank you.

Update 28th Aug.  It has been a really incredible week, and we are closing in our initial target.  The support for the campaign and kind messages of thanks and encouragement have been really overwhelming.  Thank you.   

New UKU logo


Introducing the new UK Ultimate logo.

We actually completed this work a little while ago and originally planned to release it alongside a new website, and some other updates.  In the circumstances we recently decided to simplify the plan, and start the process of switching to the new logo now.  We hope you like it.  Realistically you’re going to see both this and the old one in use for a while.  Please bear with us.

We would like to thank Jon Schofield and Onthree for their help, expertise and patience.

Return to Play Update - 12th Aug

Further to our earlier announcements regarding Return to Play we are now able to release the following guidance update.  


We will move to Phase B of our Phased Return to Play on Monday 17th Aug, applicable UK-wide other than regions subject to “local lockdown” conditions.  REGIONS SUBJECT TO EXCEPTIONAL LOCAL LOCKDOWN CONDITIONS STAY IN PHASE A.  THIS APPLIES BOTH TO THE ACTIVITY LOCATION AND INDIVIDUAL PARTICIPANTS.

Phased Return to Play Guidance

Please see the UK Ultimate Phased Return to Play guidance documentation below.


Return to Play Update - 7th Aug

We have just received an initial response from DCMS regarding our proposed approach to returning-to-play.  We have been asked to make some adjustments to some of the documentation, but we will be in a position to issue a more detailed update next week.  For now we remain in Phase A.

GB Supporter Jersey

We’ve teamed up with Lookfly to offer a 2020 GB supporter jersey where the proceeds will be used to build up a small fund to support GB players who lost money this year.  Our 2019-21 teams are playing in Red and White jerseys; this one is for the fans!


In 2020, we had teams heading to WUGC, WJUC and WMUC and these events were either cancelled or postponed.  Some of the players lost money on accommodation deposits, and those heading to WUGC 2021 face an increase in the player fee.  This isn’t going to cover everything, so we will work with the teams to find the best way to target this support to the people who need it most.


So, if you fancy some stylish GB supporter gear, please head over to the Lookfly store to order the jersey and give a helping-hand to some of the affected players.  (Order deadline: 20th August.)