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WUGC 2016 Volunteer Opportunity - Application Deadline Approaching

The deadline to apply to volunteer at WUGC 2016 is fast approaching: *15th January*, so make sure you send in your application before the deadline arrives!  If you apply after the deadline and we still have spaces then great, but of course we might not have any spots left by then.

Club Open Indoor Regionals - Info Packs and Schedules

We are pleased to be able to release more information for this weekend's COIR events across the country.

You can find the Info Packs here:

Applications Open for GB Juniors 2016

Calling all Junior Ultimate players,

Applications are now open for all four 4 squads for 2016 (Under 17 Open, U17 Women, Under 20 Open and Under 20 Women).

UKU/BUCS Uni Men's & Women's Indoor Nationals - Update and Schedule

All qualified teams have now entered (or have promised to enter when their AU is back in the office) for the frankly enormous UMWIN 2015/16. We do not currently anticipate any spots opening up for teams who just missed out on qualification.

UKU COIR Final Entries - Swindon, London, Scotland

Thanks to all those who have entered Club Open Indoor Regionals. All events are full (except the Scottish Women's Indoor Championships, held alongside COIR Glasgow - though you'd have to be very quick!). The confirmed entry list is below.

UKU Club Open Indoor Regionals - Entry Update


Happy Holidays!

We hope everyone is enjoying the festive period - but entries for COIR in January will close on the 7th January, so we are interrupting you briefly to send a reminder!


Club Open Indoor Regionals - January 2016 - Entries now open #UKUCOIR

We are pleased to open entries for the remaining UKU Club Open Indoor Regionals 2015-16.


We're also pleased to welcome entries for the Scottish Women's Indoor Championships, which will be held alongside the Glasgow COIR as in previous years.


UKU/BUCS University Men's & Women's Indoor Nationals 2015-16 - Entries now open

We are pleased to announce entries are open for the enormous Men's (Division 1 & 2) & Women's Indoor Nationals in Motherwell, nr Glasgow.