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UKU Nationals & EUCR-West 2008

This weekend saw the UKU Nationals & EUCR-West qualification event take place in London. 32 open teams and 14 women's teams competed for the opportunity to qualify for the finals in Paris. With the usual British suspects and entrants from Belgium and Holland fighting it out, the stage was set for two days of top level Ultimate. 

Lost Property!

Current lost property list.  Please contact Si to claim - or better still collect in person at Nationals on 6-7 Sept.

WUGC 2008 - Final Standings

The games are over and the final positions have been determined. Here are how the teams did.

Junior Women. After securing their first win of the games over a strong Finnish team, the Junior Women secured 6th place and have shown great promise for the future.

Junior Men - After a very strong finish, the Junior Men finished 4th after a 3/4 play off defeat to Germany.

WUGC 2008 - August 7th.

It is all getting quite tense out in Vancouver right now as the GB teams beging to play the games that will determine their final positions. Only two teams have a chance of a medal. Read on to find out who.

WUGC 2008 - August 6th.

A very important day for GB all round yesterday with some of the closest and most exciting games yet. I'm tired just from watching the updates come in.

WUGC 2008 - August 5th.

After another tough day's play out in Vancouver, the GB teams are even closer to their final set of games which will determine their finishing positions.

WUGC 2008 - August 4th.

At the end of the second day, the leagues are starting to take shape now with the GB teams finding out exactly what they have to do to make the final stages and still have a chance of winning some medals.

WUGC 2008 - August 3rd.

The World Ultimate and Guts Championships (WUGC) 2008 in Vancouver have finally begun and all the Great Britain teams have been involved so far. Here is a brief update of the first full day's play.