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National Indoor Championships 2007

Congratulations to Mexican Horse Bandits to taking the title and spirit!

Ocelots win U17s National Indoors

Fourteen teams competed in this year's U17s indoor championships. Great games all weekend with excellent spirit...

New WFDF ultimate rules (2007)

From Rue Veitl, WFDF Ultimate Committee Chair:

The new WFDF Ultimate Rules (Version 2007) is finally competed and approved!

[And now available on a single sheet of paper!]

It will be effective on April 1, 2007 for all WFDF sanctioned tournaments. [31 March 07 in the UK - see below.]

We would like to ask all our members to implement these rules as quickly as possible.

UKUA Member Update - March 2007

Dear UKUA Member

You are receiving this email because you have registered on the UK Ultimate Association website.

In this update:

1. WFDF Rules of Ultimate 2007

2. Registration on the website

3. Indoor Nationals

4. U17 Indoor Nationals

5. Coaching scheme - Leader Award

6. World Beach Ultimate Championships 2007

7. Want to help?

Nationals and EUCR

In 2007 we face the need to adapt our existing competition structure to support the new European Ultimate Championship Series (EUCS). Please see the EUCS website for more information about this new venture in European ultimate. The UKUA is extremely keen to support this new competition as we feel it is an important step to help raise the bar for top level ultimate in Europe.

UKUA Board Election 2007 closed

The election for the UKUA Board for 2007 is now closed. All of the candidates were successful - so congratulations to them. Please look here for more details about the Board.

A big thanks to all of those members that took the time to vote.

UKUA Member Update - Jan/Feb 2007

Dear UKUA Member,

You are receiving this mail because you have registered on the UK Ultimate Association web site.

Apologies if you receive this twice: this is because we are migrating to the new website and member database, and have decided to publish this update on both systems.

In this update
1. New Website
2. Member Updates

Tour 0: How will it work?

In 2007 we are trying the new concept of a qualification/ranking tournament for the Open Tour - the so-called "Tour 0". This was put in place following a lot of feedback about the pros and cons of the split season, etc. and has largely been met with approval so far.