UKU Event Announcements

This newsletter is intended to provide a simple stream of information about UKU events. At the point of launch, the intention is that this will provide a definitive source of the most important information relating to UKU events: - dates - registration processes - news updates in the weeks preceding an event (e.g. schedule released, etc)

June 2019 Tier 2 Open & Women's Ranking Events - Updated & Confirmed Schedules

Since the publication of the draft schedules yesterday there have been a number of changes:

Rhymney Cup 2019 - Draft Schedule UPDATE

Following the publication of the Rhymney Cup draft schedule this morning, there have been some amendments to teams' provisional start times.

June 2019 Tier 2 Open & Women's Ranking Events - DRAFT Schedules

The DRAFT schedules for Junction 7, Rhymney Cup and Midsummer Madness - taking place this weekend on 22nd-23rd June - are now available to view!



As usual, please DO NOT make any concrete travel plans based on these schedules yet but do have a look at them to ensure that there aren't any issues. We hope to be able to confirm the schedules early next week.


[UKU Ranking Event] Highfield Mixer 2019 - Confirmed Team List

We are pleased to confirm that all teams that entered Highfield Mixer have a space at the competition. The full team list can be found below.


Birmingham Ultimate

Cosmic Manatees

Curve Mixed

July 2019 UKU Ranking Events - Team Lists Confirmed for Moor Lane & Edenbridge

Thank you to all of the teams that have entered the various events taking place on 13th-14th July in Birmingham and Edenbridge! The confirmed team lists for the Moor Lane & Edenbridge events can be found below.


[UPDATED] Regionals 2019 - Confirmed Team Lists & EUCR-W Bid Allocation

Apologies, there was a copying and pasting error in the number of bids for each division to UKU Nationals in the previous Events Announcement. Please find the correct version here:

Regionals 2019 - Confirmed Team Lists & EUCR-W Bid Allocation

Thank you to all of the teams that entered UKU Regionals 2019 by the Closing Date. We are pleased to now confirm the team lists for each region and division.   


UKU Tournament Rules - 2019 Update

 Following the introduction of the new Club Outdoor Competition Structure [UKU Ranking Events], we have revised and updated the relevant rules documents to reflect the change.