UKU Event Announcements

This newsletter is intended to provide a simple stream of information about UKU events. At the point of launch, the intention is that this will provide a definitive source of the most important information relating to UKU events: - dates - registration processes - news updates in the weeks preceding an event (e.g. schedule released, etc)

Entries for the July 2019 UKU Ranking Events Close TOMORROW!

You only have until TOMORROW - 12th June - to enter the 3rd Round of Women's & Open events taking place on 13th-14th July! 


Last call for UKU Masters Nationals 2019!

The deadline for registering your team for Masters Nationals 2019 is next Monday!


Nottingham Windfarm 2019 - Final Standings, Ranking Points, Spirit Results & Lost Property

Well done to everyone that took part at Nottingham Windfarm! We hope that you all had a great weekend. 


Huge congratulations to the two GB Senior teams - Men & Women - for winning their respective divisions. Also to Red Women 1 and Purple Cobras for taking home the two Plate Winner awards!



Entries for Regionals (3-4 August), Moor Lane/Edenbridge (13-14 July) and Highfield Mixer (20-21 July) close soon! Full details below.

Nottingham Windfarm 2019 - Don’t Forget!

Ahead of the event this weekend, just a few little reminders for you and your team mates…

UKU Regionals 2019 - Entries Close Soon!

Regionals in all three divisions - Open, Women’s and Mixed - will be held on the weekend of 3rd-4th August 2019 in two different locations for the North and the South. With the entry deadline just over 1 week away, make sure that you get your entry in now before it’s too late! 


The Closing Date for ALL teams is next Sunday, 9th June. Teams can enter using the GoMembership website*. 


We can now confirm that the Northern Regionals event will be held at 22 Acres, University of York, YO10 5NF. However, with the possibility that we may exceed capacity at this venue we may be required to move one of the divisions to a second Northern venue, which is most likely to be in Manchester. This decision will be finalised once entries have closed and we know how big each of the divisions will be. 

UKU Nottingham Windfarm 2019 - UPDATED SCHEDULE

Following the publication of the draft schedule yesterday for this weekend’s event, some adjustments have been made to the seedings to move some teams down, considerably, at their request. 


We would like to remind teams and players that we draw teams from pots of 4-teams in order to place them into their specific pool, or place in the brackets.

Nottingham Windfarm 2019 - DRAFT Schedule & Event Information

The draft schedule for Nottingham Windfarm 2019, taking place at the Riverside Sports Complex in Nottingham this weekend (1st-2nd June), is now available to view.



As usual, please DO NOT make any concrete travel plans based on this schedule yet as it may change but do have a look at it to ensure that there aren't any issues.