UKU Event Announcements

This newsletter is intended to provide a simple stream of information about UKU events. At the point of launch, the intention is that this will provide a definitive source of the most important information relating to UKU events: - dates - registration processes - news updates in the weeks preceding an event (e.g. schedule released, etc)

UKU Ranking Event "The Grey Towers of Durham 2019" - Early Bird Team List Confirmed & Final Entry Closing Date 27th March!

Thank you to all of the teams that entered into the Tier 1 event, The Grey Towers of Durham before the Early Bird Deadline! However, after taking into account the Protected Team spots that are kept available until the Closing Date, unfortunately the Tier 1 event was oversubscribed at the time of the Early Bird Deadline and so not all of the entered teams could be awarded a space. The full list of confirmed teams for the event so far can be seen below, as per the NEW Club Outdoor Event Entry Procedure.

UKU Ranking Event "Y Ddraig Goch 2019" - Entries Now Closed! Full Team List Confirmed

Thank you to all of the teams that entered into Y Ddraig Goch by the Closing Date! We are pleased to confirm that everyone has been awarded a space at the event. The full confirmed team list for the competition can be seen below


Please make sure that your team rosters are up to date on the GoMembership system before the event weekend. Your Club Administrator can do this by going to the teams profiles section of the website and adding or removing players from the teams entered into the event on the GoMembership website. Your players will also need to have the correct level of membership for the competition. 


All event information, including the spirit links and schedule (when published), can be found on the Y Ddraig Goch Event Website. Please make sure that you also keep a close eye on the Latest News page, as any major updates will be posted on there up to and during the event, as well as on our Twitter page @UKUltimateEvent!

UWOR & Uni Open Warm-Up Game Lengths

Following a recent query regarding the game length time for the University Women’s Outdoor Regionals events this weekend, we wanted to clarify that the decision to make the games 40 minutes (+cap) long is not as a result of the Open Warm-Up events being run at the same time. 

Club Mixed Indoor Nationals 2019 - DRAFT Schedule

The draft schedule for the CXIN 2019 event taking place at Derby Arena next weekend, 9th-10th March, is now available to view.


As usual, please DO NOT make any concrete travel plans based on this schedule yet as it may change but do have a look at it to ensure that there aren't any issues. 




Upcoming Entry Deadlines for Major 2019 UKU Ranking Events!

You have just 1 week left, until 27th February, to enter Y Ddraig Goch - our largest Mixed event of the year being held at the Llanrumney Playing Fields, Cardiff, on 30-31 March! Also, don't forget that you only have until then to get your Early Bird entries in for Nottingham Windfarm (1-2 June) & The Grey Towers of Durham (27-28 April) too. Make sure that you enter your teams now before it's too late! 


Club Open & Women's Indoor Nationals 2019 - Final Standings, Spirit Results & Lost Property

Well done to everyone that competed at the COWIN event over the weekend! We hope that you all had a great tournament. Apologies again for the inconvenience that was caused on the Saturday but thank you for everyone's help and patience.


Congratulations to ExElle 1 for winning Women's Division, and to Frowy Catchy for coming top in Men's Division! The complete final standings can be found on the online schedules which can be accessed via the COWIN Event Website


COWIN - Update

Games will now start at 1.30pm today and will finish at approximately 8.10pm this evening.  Games are largely unaffected, however ALL first round pool games will be 17 minutes long and the last round of Pool M games will be played tomorrow morning at 9am (instead of at the end on Saturday). There have also been some minor adjustments to the game order on Sunday morning, but the knockout bracket and Pool C games will remain at 23 mins on Sunday.


Unfortunately there have been some issues with the Cranford Superdome venue this morning so the COWIN event is current DELAYED. We cannot confirm exactly when games will start yet but we hope that the event will still go ahead. 


Please keep an eye out on the EVENT WEBSITE and/or the @UKUltimateEvent Twitter for updates.