UKU Event Announcements

This newsletter is intended to provide a simple stream of information about UKU events. At the point of launch, the intention is that this will provide a definitive source of the most important information relating to UKU events: - dates - registration processes - news updates in the weeks preceding an event (e.g. schedule released, etc)

Competition Structure Update - Interested in bidding to run one of the UKU Ranking events?

Following the announcement regarding the changes to the Competition Structure and the provisional event calendar for 2019, we are pleased to confirm that the bid process for those that want to organise and run any of the UKU Ranking events is now finalised!


Further details on how to submit your bid and what you need to do, as well as the list of events that are now open for bids, can be found HERE. Please make sure that you give it a read if you’re interested as it includes important information about the process. 

University Mixed Outdoor Cool Down 2018/19

Following the announcement that University Mixed Outdoor Nationals (UXON) will be held in St Andrews (Scotland) this year, we are now pleased to confirm that the smaller, more limited event - the University Mixed Outdoor Cool Down - will be held at the Llanrumney Playing Fields in Cardiff on the same weekend, 16th-17th March 2019. 


We want to be very clear that UXON is in St Andrews, and we do encourage all teams to make the journey - particularly given that the event was unfortunately snowed off last year and that we aim to hold UXON in the South in 2020. However, there is limited capacity at the Cool Down event for those that would not be able to play otherwise.

Changes to Published Spirit of the Game Scores

Following the success of the spirit score breakdowns being published post-event anonymously as part of the recent changes to the Spirit of the Game at UKU Events, the Spirit of the Game Committee has now decided to undertake a trial to remove the anonymity from the published spirit score breakdowns as a result of feedback from teams.


From this point onwards, for a short trial period initially, the spirit scores that your team submits for the event that you're attending will no longer be anonymous and comments will only be redacted to remove any offensive language if applicable. To clarify, this will be implemented for the Club Open Indoor Qualifier event taking place in Wolverhampton this weekend. 


If you have any questions/concerns regarding this change, please email the SotG committee at

UXIN 2018-19 - Final Standings, Spirit Results & Lost Property

Well done to everyone that competed at UXIN over the weekend. We hope that you had a great tournament! 


Congratulations to Strathclyde 1 for winning UXIN Division 1 and to Warwick 1 for coming top in Division 2! Also to Birmingham 1 and to Leeds 1 for winning the Spirit of the Game award in their respective divisions. 

COIQ Wolverhampton 2018 - Confirmed Schedule & Roster Requirements

We are happy to now CONFIRM the schedule for the COIQ Wolverhampton event happening this weekend at the University of Wolverhampton Walsall Campus.



The Info Pack can also be found on the UKU Event Page, which includes all of the information that you need to know for the event. If you have any questions, please email


Also, please don't forget to ensure that your TEAM ROSTER is up to date on the GoMembership website. All clubs competing at the COIQ & ScCWIN events are required to use the club profiles area of the new GoMembership portal to add ALL players that are competing at the event to the relevant team on the new system. More information, including how to do this, can be found here. Don't forget that all of your players also have to have the correct membership for the event!

COIQ Wolverhampton 2018 - DRAFT Schedule, Info Pack & Roster Requirements

We are pleased to announce that the DRAFT schedule for the COIQ Wolverhampton event happening next weekend, 1st-2nd December at the University of Wolverhampton Walsall Campus, is now available!


Please DO NOT make any concrete travel plans based on this schedule as it may change but do have a look at it to ensure that there aren't any issues.

University Men's Indoor Regionals 2018-19 - Final Standings & Spirit Results

Well done to everyone who qualified in the UMIR events held over the weekend! Also thank you to everybody that took part, we hope you all had a great event.

University Mixed Indoor Regionals 2018-19 - Final Standings & Spirit Results

Well done to everyone who qualified in the UXIR events held over the weekend.