UKU Event Announcements

This newsletter is intended to provide a simple stream of information about UKU events. At the point of launch, the intention is that this will provide a definitive source of the most important information relating to UKU events: - dates - registration processes - news updates in the weeks preceding an event (e.g. schedule released, etc)

University Mixed Indoor Regionals 2018-19 - Final Standings & Spirit Results

Well done to everyone who qualified in the UXIR events held over the weekend.

COIQ Cranford - Waitlist Update

Since the publication of the confirmed team lists for COIQ & ScCWIN yesterday, the waitlist for COIQ Cranford has had to be re-drawn randomly due to the addition of another team. 


Please see the updated waitlist below

Club Open Indoor Qualifiers & ScCWIN - Confirmed Team Lists

Thank you to everyone that entered the Club Open Indoor Qualifier events and Scottish Club Women's Indoor Nationals. We are happy to now confirm the team lists for all of these events. 


Unfortunately, the Cranford event was oversubscribed and so the spaces were allocated using the criteria outlined on the UKU event page. The waitlist has been produced, however if your team is on that list but you wish to go to another of the qualifier events instead, please email and you can be moved. Please note that where only 1 team has been awarded a space when 2 teams were originally entered, your '2nd' team was the team placed on the waitlist.


Any questions? Please email

UKU Club Open Indoor Qualifiers & Scottish Club Women's Indoor Nationals - Entries Close This Friday!

Thank you to everyone that has entered the COIQ/ScCWIN events so far! However, it looks like there are still quite a few teams missing from the entry list.


Don't forget that the entry deadline for ALL of the events is THIS FRIDAY (9th November) so get your entries in now!


Entries are NOT accepted through the old UKU Event Entry Form, so to enter, please go to the NEW GoMembership portal HERE.  Any problems? Email

Club Open Indoor Qualifiers & ScCWIN - 1 Week Until Entries Close!

Entries for the Club Open Indoor Qualifier events and Scottish Club Women's Indoor Nationals close in just 1 week! The entry deadline is Friday 9th November.


Entries are NOT accepted through the old UKU Event Entry Form, so to enter, please go to the NEW GoMembership portal HERE.  

If you have not entered an event using this process before it is important that you familiarise yourself with how it works ASAP as otherwise there will not be time before the deadline to help you with any queries/problems. Please see the guidelines below on how to enter and how to set up teams - don't forget that you need to be a Club Administrator on the system before you can enter your club/team into any events. 


Any problems? Email


COIQ & ScCWIN Entry Reminder!

Don't forget that entries are now OPEN for the Club Open Indoor Qualifier events and Scottish Club Women's Indoor Nationals. The entry deadline is Friday 9th November - less than 2 weeks away!


To enter, go to the NEW GoMembership portal HERE

Competition Review Update & 2019 Dates

Thanks for all the input we have received regarding the club competition structure.  This process is and will remain ongoing.  In the meantime we clearly need to publish dates and locations for the 2019 season so that teams and players can plan their year.  Please see below.  


There is a little more detail below, but very briefly:

  • We will retain a split season for the time being, with mixed being played first in 2019.  
  • Regionals-Nationals will stay at the same point in the calendar in 2019, and will feature North and South Regionals in all three divisions.
  • We will retain an official UKU National Rankings list.  The scoring system will be updated - in particular to make sure that it copes better with teams competing at different events of varying strength at the same time.
    • Regionals & Nationals will both also become ranking events - i.e. teams will score ranking points based on their results at Regionals and Nationals. 
    • The rankings will be used as part of the entry criteria to some “Tier One” events, and will be used as the basis for seeding at most ranking events. 
  • We are going to continue the move to “break up” some of the larger Tour events with a view to providing and encouraging more smaller, “local” events.  To do this we are defining two “tiers” of ranking events.
    • The “tier” does NOT correspond directly to the competitive level of the teams, and it is intended that when there are no “Tier One” tournaments, that the strongest teams will choose to attend “Tier Two” tournament(s).
  • It is not a UKU goal to directly organise all events; it is our preference to have more events being run by local clubs with, or without, UKU support.

Provisional Calendar & Events Plan 2019

University Outdoor Dates & Venues 2018-19 - Update

Following the announcement on Friday about the details of the University Outdoor events this year, we received a query on the South West Facebook group about why the decision was made to hold UXON in St Andrews in 2018-19 with a smaller “Division 2” event in the South of England. We felt that it would be useful to address the issues raised in this query, to explain why the tournament is not in a more ‘central’ location* or even in the South, in a way that is accessible for all of the regions.