UKU Event Announcements

This newsletter is intended to provide a simple stream of information about UKU events. At the point of launch, the intention is that this will provide a definitive source of the most important information relating to UKU events: - dates - registration processes - news updates in the weeks preceding an event (e.g. schedule released, etc)

AirBadgers and DHSB triumph at U17/U14 Indoor Nationals

Last weekend, an amazing 44 teams descended on Aldersley Leisure Village in Wolverhampton for UKU U17/U14 Indoor Nationals.

UWIN Schedule Now Available.

Schedules for this weekend are now available.

There shouldn't be any errors in it as it's the same as Men's, but do shout if you spot anything!

Club Open Indoor Nationals - Spaces still available!

Thanks to all those qualifying teams who signed up for Club Open Indoor Nationals. As expected, quite a number of the more far-flung teams have proved unable to make it down to Plymouth and there will be spaces opened up to other teams.


Club Open Indoor Regionals - Results and Spirit

Results and Spirit scores for last weekend's three COIR tournaments are now available here:

UKU Junior (U20) Open Indoor Nationals - entries open!

Entries are now open for the Junior (U20) Open Indoor Nationals at Aldersley on the 28th Feb / 1 March.


Congratulations to all the teams at this weekend's Open Qualifiers. Full results will be published tomorrow, giving you the rest of today to enter any spirit scores you are still missing!

But already we need to think about Nationals.

Club Open Indoor Regionals - DRAFT schedules

DRAFT schedules are now available for the COIR events this weekend.

Club Open Indoor Regionals - confirmed teams and Info Packs

The entered teams are listed below for these events. There are 1 or 2 spaces remaining on a first come first served basis, but you will have to get in touch by about lunchtime Tuesday as the schedules need to be written!

Info Packs for the events can now be found as follows: