Update 15-Dec-08

Indoors 2009

Confirmation that Open & Women Indoor Nationals 2009 awarded to UKU in Coventry

Confirmation that Mixed Indoor Nationals 2009 awarded to Phil Richardson (Devon Ultimate) in Plymouth


Outdoors 2009

Acceptable bids have been received for the following events.  Deadline for alternative bids is end of MONDAY 12th JANUARY 2009.

4-5 April - Mixed Tour 1

9-10 May - Mixed Tour 2

23-24 May - Mixed Nationals (Tour 3)

6-7 June - Tour 1 [2 divisions], Tour 1 [all divisions]

4-5 July - Tour 2 [2 divisions], Tour 2 [all divisions]

* 11-12 July Tour 2 [2 divisions]

1-2 Aug - Nationals (Tour 3) [all divisions]

If you are intending to bid please email admin[at]ukultimate[dot]com to let the committee know (if you haven't done so already).  If potential venues require early decisions the committee may decide to go ahead and award the tournament - especially if there is no indication that anyone is working on an alternative.

* We have received an acceptable bid for Tour 2 that is for one week after the preferred date.