2020 Indoor Event Dates - University & Club National Competitions

We are pleased to announce the dates and locations for both Club Open & Women’s Indoor Nationals (COWIN) and Club Mixed Indoor Nationals (CXIN) for the 2020 season. 


COWIN will be held on 22nd-23rd February at Cranford Superdome, with play being from approx. 1pm-9pm on Saturday and 9am-5pm on Sunday. 


CXIN is going to be at K2 Crawley on 7th-8th March. Games will run approx. 9am-5pm on both days. 


Also, following a review of the February/March 2020 events, to avoid the University Women’s teams from having University Women’s Indoor Nationals and the 2nd Central Venue BUCS League fixture on consecutive weekends, we will be swapping the Men’s and Women’s Indoor Nationals Competitions. This means that the UMWIN events will be as follows:


8th-9th February 2020 - Women's Div 1 & 2 Indoor Nationals @ Ravenscraig, Glasgow

15th-16th February 2020 - Men's Div 1 & 2 Indoor Nationals @ Oriam, Edinburgh


We are aware that the COWIN event and 2nd Women’s BUCS league fixture clash, however unfortunately due to venue availability we had very little flexibility on when COWIN could be held. The only other option available to us was to hold COWIN a weekend earlier, but we were very keen to avoid clashing any Indoor Nationals competitions. We hope that there is the opportunity for University Women’s players that are competing in the outdoor BUCS league to play the Sunday of COWIN if they wish, and we encourage all players that may be in this situation to contact us at events@ukultimate.com so that we can help teams/players where we can.