AirBadgers and DHSB triumph at U17/U14 Indoor Nationals

Last weekend, an amazing 44 teams descended on Aldersley Leisure Village in Wolverhampton for UKU U17/U14 Indoor Nationals.

Once again, the AirBadgers (St Peters, Exeter) took home the U17 trophy. After dominating for a few years now, they nevertheless managed to step things up even further by beating their own 2nd team in the final. Other schools may take heart from the fact that most of both teams will be too old next year - but the MVP of the final went to perhaps the youngest player on show: Ben from AirBadgers 2.

Spirit was won by AirBadgers 6.

Full results below.


The U14 trophy also made the long journey down to the South West, with DHSB (Devonport) taking a high quality final against Ocelots (Bishop Heber High School)  - who also took home the Spirit prize. Jon Moon of DHSB took the MVP award.

Full results below.


We trialled a new method of spirit-score collection, and got a LOT of data from it. Thanks to everyone for a very good rate of submission - there are very few missing scores.

If any team is interested in the detailed breakdown of their scores by category, please do get in touch. There are some quite big differences between the highest scoring and lowest scoring teams, and at this stage it's probably not helpful to name-and-shame the teams who did less well - but if you're interested, I can give you your team's scores (and the averages for each category) and you can see how you got on.


Lost Property:

Not too much this time.

Black trousers (Nike)

Black trousers (Puma)

Glasses (black frames, in black case)

Any of these can be collected at Junior Nats, if your school is attending that - let me know on

The venue did also have a wallet handed in - I'm assuming that was collected on the day as I never heard any more about it, but if you lost one they may have it.


Full results:



2 Ocelots A [Spirit Winners]

3 Flux A (Twycross House)

4 AirBadgers A

5 Evolution A (Aylesford)

6 Flux B

7 Gildredge House A

8 Masters of DISCguise (Chiltern Edge)

9 Manor A (Manor CE Academy) [Plate Winners]

10 Flux C

11 AirBadgers B


13 Ocelots B

14 Gildredge House B

15 Southern Tekkers (Bridgemary School) [Spoon Winners]

16 Flux D



1 AirBadgers 1

2 AirBadgers 2

3 Flux 1

4 DHSB 1

5 Rice Frisbees 1 (Mill Hill)

6 Flux 3

7 AirBadgers 3

8 Mongosling (Ivybridge Community College)

9 Ocelots 1 [Plate winners]

10 Flux 2

11 Evolution 1

12 Southern Tekkers 1

13 Manor 1

14 Rice Frisbees 2

15 AirBadgers 4

16 DHSB 2

17 Southern Tekkers 2 [Bowl winners]

18 Arctic 1

19 Ocelots 2

20 AirBadgers 7

21 AirBadgers 5

22 Windsor Boys School

23 AirBadgers 6 [Spirit winners]

24 Flux 4

25 Mongosling 2

26 Evolution 2

27 Flux 5 [Spoon winners]

28 Hydras (Parrs Wood - unfortunately unable to attend at late notice)