To All University Students: Welcome Back!

Hi everyone! It looks like it's going to be good year for Ultimate. Welcome back to all of our returning players and welcome to everyone new!



All key information regarding the uni season will be posted in the regional facebook groups so please ensure that adding new committee members/captains has been done as part of your handover. 


The various groups are linked to below:

Scotland -

North - 

West Midlands & Wales -

Yorkshire & East Midlands -

East & London -

South East -

South West -



Haven't heard of them? Well you should have! The University Committee, including your division and regional coordinators, should be the first port of call if you have queries/questions.

If you want to find out more about them, check out their mini-site here: It includes who all of the University Committee members are and how to get in touch with them. 



GoMembership is the portal where you will be able to buy UKU Membership, enter UKU events and access UKU Coaching Courses etc:

Detailed University GoMembership website guidance can be found here: Please read it.

If you have never used the GM website before, you will need to create an account. 



We hold a number of non-BUCS events throughout the year. This includes University Mixed Indoor Regionals & Nationals. 

To enter these, you need to use the GoMembership website: (as mentioned before). You will also only be able to enter events if you are a Club Administrator. Please make sure that your new secretary/treasurer/whoever it needs to be is set up as a Club Admin as part of your handover. 

To become a Club Admin, you’ll need to get the current Club Admin to make you one (you may need to find out who this was on the old committee). Existing club administrators can set club members up as club administrators by going to club profile,  club members, then clicking on the member in question and selecting club role. From there you can click on update roles and select the roles you'd like to allocate to that member.


We’ll share the details on how to enter events on GM again when it comes to entries being open.


Please get to know your AU and find out who you’ll need to speak to for getting your teams entered into all of the BUCS competitions throughout the year aka the Men’s & Women’s competitions. For BUCS competitions you cannot enter the events through us, it HAS to be through your AU.


The BUCS leagues have already been published and confirmed. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, best bet is to go and speak to your AU. The league dates have all been published on the BUCS website and it should also all be up on BUCS Play: 



The set up for your leagues is the same as in 2019 (if anyone can even remember that far back). The games should be played on two separate central venue fixture days, the dates of which are:

  • 13-14th November
  • 5-6th February

If you want to avoid travelling and/or you think you have enough university sports fields that could fit 1 or 2 pitches, go and speak to your AU so that you can arrange to be a host for one of the fixtures now! It takes a bit of time to get these central venues sorted between the different universities and if they don’t end up working out then they’ll have to either be forfeited games or played as Wednesday afternoon fixtures so the more time we have to get them sorted, the better. I’m here to help your institutions if needed, so feel free to give them my email ( if you think it’s useful.



The UKU website Event Calendar has been updated with all of the indoor competitions for the year. Check it out here:

Note that entries for all of the regional uni competitions open NEXT WEEK. I’ll send out more details soon. Obviously Mixed Indoor Regionals (UXIR) is coming up quickly!



As part of running the indoor regional competitions, we also need all of you to help us run them. For each event I’ll be looking for a TD (where one hasn’t been arranged already).


All of the venue locations for each of the events can be found here: it out and if you think your club might be interested in running one of the events then get in touch ASAP by emailing I hope to have all of the TDs decided by the end of September.


Don’t worry if you’ve never done it before, I’ll provide support throughout the whole process and hopefully it should be relatively simple. It’s also a great thing to have on your CV if you end up TDing the event yourself over the weekend - and we’ll donate some money to your club as a thanks for your help! 


So in summary, you need to...

  • Make sure your committee members for this year are in the Regional Facebook groups
  • Get to know the University Committee
  • Sign up to GoMembership + make sure you know who your Club Admin is
  • Get to know your AU for entering events
  • If you're playing in the Women's BUCS League, start thinking about venues now!
  • Check out the UKU Events Calendar 
  • Want to TD a local, regional indoor competition? Get in touch ASAP.