Auto-Qualification for Teams Attending the US Open

Following the recent announcement that applications to the US Open 2019 are now open, the UKU Competitions Committee undertook a review about whether there are any circumstances in which it is reasonable to grant automatic qualification to UKU Nationals for a team attending the US Open.


The UKU Competitions Committee has now agreed that ONLY if UKU Regionals & the US Open are being held on the same weekend, auto-qualification to UKU Nationals will now be possible for UK teams that meet the following criteria:

  • Qualified for, or attended, EUCF in the previous year
  • Attends the US Open in the current year

For example, if your team qualified for EUCF in 2018 (whether or not you subsequently attended the event) or if you attended EUCF as a result of being offered a space through a waitlist bid, as well as being invited to and attending the US Open in 2019, you will auto-qualify for UKU Nationals 2019.  Under these circumstances, one qualification bid will be removed from the Regional qualifier that the team would have attended.


If you have any questions, please email