Changes to Reporting and Tracking Spirit Scores at University Competitions

Following discussions between the UKU Spirit of the Game Committee and the UKU University Committee we have decided to make some changes to reporting Spirit and how we follow up on Spirit results particularly looking at the university BUCS league.

Both committees felt we should be putting more emphasis on Spirit at the university level especially the BUCS league where previously there has not been the emphasis on the recording of spirit scores which we see at university regional and national events. Therefore we have decided to make the following changes

  • Whilst we already record Spirit for regional and national university tournaments we will now be following up on any triggering scores received at these events to help teams improve their Spirit
  • Spirit scores will now be recorded for all BUCS games. Teams will now need to submit a spirit score to UKU using a link which can be found on the UKU website.
  • UKU will publish a breakdown of the Spirit results from the BUCS league on a monthly basis. This will allow teams to enter results with a degree of anonymity whilst still allowing teams to improve their Spirit during the course of the season which we felt teams wouldn’t be able to do if we only published the results at the end of the league.
  • The Wednesday Mens BUCS fixtures will be classified as a “Major UK event” for the purposes of triggering scores which are defined in the appendix of the UKU SotG Policy.
  • For the time being we are applying the policy as a trial only, and will only be looking to identify teams/clubs that may benefit from support.  We will not be considering or seeking to follow-up on any “possible sanctions” listed in the policy.

If you have any queries or want to raise any questions with regards to these changes please get in contact either with the UKU SotG Committee at or Tom Daly the UKU University Coordinator at


Hoping everyone is looking forward to the next university season,

The UKU SotG Committee

The UKU University Committee