Changes to the Spirit of the Game at UKU Events

As some teams may be aware, the UKU Spirit of the Game (SotG) Committee has recently undergone a change in members. With the large change in Committee members there have been internal discussions within the Committee as to how we'd like to proceed with the way UKU runs the "Spirit of the Game" aspect of tournaments in the future. After some lengthy discussions the SotG Committee have decided to implement the following procedures at  all UKU run events commencing from OWT1 onwards:


1) The SotG Committee will be providing a link to a spreadsheet with the full anonymous breakdown of spirit scores for the entire tournament, including any detailed comments (with any personal information that compromises anonymity being redacted) . This will be instead of publishing the results table in our post-event announcement. The teams being rated will be named, but the names of the team that provided each score will not be revealed. 


The SotG Committee hopes that by providing a full anonymous breakdown of the results it will allow teams to greater reflect on how they can improve their spirit scores tournament to tournament by providing a more detailed feedback as opposed to current system where UKU provides a final spirit score for the tournament.


This is also intended to reduce the workload of the SotG Committee after tournaments where currently teams have to request for a breakdown of their spirit results, and the Committee has never had cause to deny such requests.  To reiterate, any comments where an individual player could potentially be identified will be redacted by the SotG Committee and the comment will be highlighted to let teams know this comment has been changed. The Committee will endeavour to keep any changes to comments to a minimum and be as open as possible about any changes made.


It is the SotG Committee’s intention to provide a full anonymous breakdown of the spirit scores for OWT1 onwards.


2) All spirit scores are to be handed in BEFORE midnight on the last day of the tournament.  Analysis of scores from previous tournaments has indicated that results handed in even a day after the tournament tend to be less informative. 


3) The UKU SotG Committee recommends that all teams should appoint a Spirit Captain for Tour events to be a main point of contact for UKU and between teams. It is the SotG Committees intention to make this compulsory for Club Outdoor Regionals/ Nationals onwards. These links provide some useful guidelines for this role: 


4) For teams to provide more useful and constructive feedback, the SotG Committee suggests teams consider giving comments for any category that scores a 1 in addition to the current policy which requires teams to give a comment for any 0's or 4's given. It should be stressed that this is a suggestion only, not a requirement, and there are currently no plans to make this mandatory at future UKU events. If a result has 1's and no comments it will NOT be deleted from the results.


If anyone has any queries about the new policies they should contact


Looking forward to Tour!

The UKU Spirit of the Game Committee