Club Mixed Indoor Nationals 2020 - Update

Thank you to all of the teams that have entered into CXIN. For 2020 we have had an overwhelming number of entries - 44 in total! 


Honestly, this has come as a complete surprise to us. Whilst the number of entries has slowly been increasing over the last few years, there was nothing to indicate that it was about to jump by nearly 50% (15 teams). As such, unfortunately we are currently limited by a capacity of 28 teams for the CXIN event.


However, we are currently in the process of trying to find an additional venue that may be able to host another ‘CXIN’ event and the remaining teams. At the moment we are not sure whether this will be possible at such short notice, so we just want to hold off on publishing the confirmed team list for K2 Crawley for the moment to see if anything becomes available to enable us to accept more teams. So if you know of any venues in the surrounding area of Crawley that may be able to host an event, however small, please send us their details to as we’d love to be able to accommodate as many teams as possible.


We will make sure to keep teams updated with the status of the event as things progress, and we will confirm the team list for CXIN as soon as we get a clearer idea on whether we can accommodate more than 28 teams. Should it continue to look unlikely that we’ll find a second venue then we’ll move ahead on the assumption that we only have K2 Crawley available.