Club Open Indoor Nationals - Spaces still available!

Thanks to all those qualifying teams who signed up for Club Open Indoor Nationals. As expected, quite a number of the more far-flung teams have proved unable to make it down to Plymouth and there will be spaces opened up to other teams.


22 teams have entered, including some from outside qualification spots (as recommended in the original entry information) and these 22 now all have a spot. The remaining two spaces are up for grabs - but it's not quite sensible to run first-come, first-served. Instead, we'll open entries again until this friday night, and then the 2 highest-finishing teams from regionals who come forward by that point will get a spot. If you want to come, then sign up - you never know. Some teams went ahead and gambled already, and it's paid off for them!

As before, you don't need to pay to secure a spot, but if you're on the list on Friday night we will assume you want to come and we will bill you if you get a spot!


Teams entered so far:

Shake & Bake
S&L Cartel
Bristol 1
Bristol 2
Brixton Angels
Part-Time Pirates
St Albans
Pingu Jam
Picnic Old Stars
Fairly Confident
AirBadgers 1
Danger! High Voltage