Club Open & Women's Indoor Qualifiers 2019-20 - December Final Standings, Qualifiers & Spirit Results

Congratulations to all of the teams that competed over the weekend. We hope that you all had a great event! Also, thank you to all of those that took part in International Spirit of the Game Day - it's great to see so many of you embodying spirit and inspiring others. 


Well done to both Icenior and Birmingham 1 for taking home the winner trophy and also to those that qualified for UKU Indoor Nationals, taking place on 22nd-23rd January at the Cranford Superdome. The full final standings and qualifiers can be found on each of the two schedules - 


CWIQ Cranford

COIQ Coventry


Please don't forget that you need to confirm NO LATER THAN WEDNESDAY 11th DECEMBER  if you are NOT taking up your qualification spot by emailing, or even if you're just concerned at this point that you won't be able to enter. This will then give us enough time to award the spot to another team. If you do not let us know by that date, you WILL be liable to pay the full entry fee even if you are not attending Nationals. 


Entries for COWIN will be open on GoMembership from Monday 27th January until the Closing Date on Sunday 2nd February. Please make sure that if you've qualified for Nationals, you have entered the event by the entry deadline. 


Huge congratulations to the teams that won the Spirit of the Game award from the weekend; Discie Chicks and LED 2. The full breakdown of SotG scores and the results tables can be found here:

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Please remember that for spirit scores to be counted they HAVE to be submitted by midnight of the final day of the event, which in this case was midnight on Sunday 8th December, to be counted. Having a spirit captain or a designated player thinking about SotG over a tournament weekend is a great way to ensure that your spirit scores are submitted after every game as well!


Also, make sure that you select whether your score is for a repeat game i.e. you have already played that opponent, as otherwise it looks like you've just submitted a score twice by accident and it may be deleted. 


Any questions regarding Spirit of the Game? Please email