Club Women's Indoor Nationals - Confirmed Team List (07/01/19)

Thank you to all of the teams that signed up to take part in Club Women's Indoor Nationals 2019. We received an unprecedented number of entries which was fantastic and it's great to see so much interest in the event! However, at this moment in time we are only able to fit 24 teams into the Women's division so unfortunately we're unable to accept everyone. 


The entry allocation procedure as outlined on the event page has been been followed to award the limited number of spaces at the event. Any teams that were not allocated a spot initially will be placed on the waitlst and will be informed if a space becomes available that can be filled. If you do not wish to be on the waitlist and would like your team fee to be refunded as soon as possible then please just email and this can be processed for you. 


Please find the CWIN 2019 team list (as of 07/01/19 at 12pm) below:

Black Sheep Womens

Brixton Women

Chesham Kites Womens

Dazed Ladies

DH1 Women

Discie Chicks A

ExElle 1

ExElle 2

Flyght Club


Guildford Women

Guildford Women A

Horsham Ultimate Womens



Lady Lemmings

LED Women's

MUC Womens


Purple Cobras Women's

Red Women 1

Red Women 2

Sink or Swan

Uprising 1



1- Discie Chicks

2- Vurve

3- Brighton Women

4- Uprising 2

5- Birmingham Women's


If you have any questions please email, otherwise we look forward to seeing you all there!