COIN 2019 Entries Open & COIQ Events (19th-20th January) Final Standings, Spirit Results & Lost Property

Well done to everyone that took part at COIQ Cranford and COIQ Plymouth! 

Huge congratulations to EIRF and Frowy Catchy for winning their respective divisions and to Purple Cobras & Horsham/Flump (joint!) for winning the Spirit of the Game prizes.


Final standings for both events can be found on the online schedules: 


The teams that have qualified for the Club Open Indoor National event, being held on 16th-17th February 2019 at Cranford Superdome, so far can also be seen below. If you DO NOT wish to take up your qualifying spot then please let us know by TOMORROW (Tuesday 22nd January) by emailing  If you have not informed the Events Coordinator by then, it will be assumed that you are taking up your spot and your team will be eligible to pay the FULL event entry fee, even if you drop out afterwards/subsequently decline your place. 


Also, we can confirm that entries for COIN are now OPEN! If you are on the list below and are planning to take up your spot, please enter using the GoMembership website HERE. The entry deadline is Monday 28th January. You will also need to make sure that your team roster is up to date for the competition. If you have any issues, please email


The full breakdown of Spirit of the Game scores and the results tables for COIQ Cranford & Plymouth can be found here:

(Comments may be partially redacted by replacing text with **** and highlighted in red - this is to maintain anonymity and to remove any offensive language if applicable)

Please remember that any comments with a score of 4 or 0, or a total score above 14/below 6, without a sufficient comment will be deleted, and any scores submitted after midnight of the last day of the event (which in this case was Sunday 20th January) will also be discounted. Unfortunately, several scores had to be removed for these events.

Any questions regarding SotG? Please email



Qualified Teams for Club Open Indoor Nationals (as of 21/01/19):

Wolv 1 - Danger High Voltage!

Wolv 2 - YOpen

Wolv 3 - LED

Wolv 4 - Birmingham 1

Wolv 5 - Guillemet

Cran 1 - EIRF

Cran 2 - Ka-Plop

Cran 3 - Geometrically Frustrated Magnets 1

Cran 4 - ∆

Cran 5 - Sandwedge

Plym 1 - Frowy Catchy

Plym 2 - HypeBeasts

Plym 3 - Purple Cobras


If you have questions/issues, please email