COIQ Cranford - Waitlist Update

Since the publication of the confirmed team lists for COIQ & ScCWIN yesterday, the waitlist for COIQ Cranford has had to be re-drawn randomly due to the addition of another team. 


Please see the updated waitlist below:

1 - Curve

2 - SCU 2

3 - Shakesbears

4 - Team Surf

5 - Chesham Kites

6 - Silverbacks

7 - Sink or Swan 2

8 - GB Beach Great Grand Masters 1

9 - GB Beach Great Grand Masters 2

10 - S.L.O.T.H.S 


The waitlist has also been updated here.

If your team is eligible to take up a spot due to a team dropping out, we will be in touch via the email that you registered your team with. 


Alternatively, if your team wishes to attend one of the other COIQ events instead of remaining on the waitlist for COIQ Cranford, please email with your request by Friday 16th November. 

The details of the other events can be found on the UKU event page.